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Self-Care: 6 Tips for Making a Daily Routine You’ll Love

Ever heard the famous phrase ‘self-care isn’t selfish? How you define self-care is essential because there’s a thin line between self-care and selfishness. The truth is self-care means different things to different people. We are sure that it means you are paying attention to yourself and putting yourself first where others’ interests aren’t in jeopardy. These days, everyone is going through one form of stress or the other. You’ll need these tips to make a daily routine that you’ll love. Come on!

What self-care is

Have you ever had to make dinner for yourself and decided that ‘you matter,’ took the effort, went to the market, and made yourself one of the most amazing dinners ever? Self-care is intentional, it’s beneficial, and it’s based on perspective. It’s you taking care of your physical and mental well-being. You might have a lot of goals to achieve, but you should put yourself first.



Let’s look at exercising; exercises are great for the body, but only a few people do them consistently. The difference between those who do regular practice and those who don’t is in their perspective. Those who do might have specific reasons, such as losing body fat, achieving a dream body, and many more. While those who don’t probably only exercise because it’s suitable for their hearts and the other general benefits. Neither party’s wrong because self-care has to be beneficial, but you also have to love the process or end goal.

Below are examples of self-care routines you can try out.

  • Write out ten things you are grateful for, no matter how small.
  • Drink a glass of water when you wake up.
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  • Get quality sleep.


Six tips that will help you create a daily routine


  1. Make a list

Regarding self-care, there’s no one size fits all. Write out the things that make you happy, don’t overthink them. As you challenge yourself to achieve your goals, you should also live a happy life. Here are ideas of things you might love that are very achievable:

  • Writing
  • Drawing
  • Designing
  • Partying
  • Meeting new people
  • Playing games



  1. Imbibe your list into your daily life

Remember, when it comes to self-care, you must be intentional. You have to plan your day to include at least one of the things you love. Another tip you can find helpful is starting and ending your day doing the things you love. If you love going for early morning walks, you should add it to your daily routine; you will always look forward to the mornings. You can complete your day with something else on your list that makes you energized and keeps you looking forward to the end of the day.

  1. Just do it!

You must have heard the famous tagline by Nike —just do it!. Imagine this: on a day where you have a surplus of deadlines to meet, both personal and professional deadlines. You only have yourself to depend on, so what you will do is, give yourself a 30 minutes break to think things through. Allow yourself to take a nap if naps have worked for you in the past. Do what you have to do to stay calm and collected. Don’t panic; you might get some extra time to finish your work and meet your goals. Remember not to overthink it.




  1. Allow yourself to feel

As much as we may want to deny it, we are humans, and we would feel every form of feeling a human can think of at different points in our lives —both positive and negative feelings. You might happen to judge yourself when you get angry, sad, or you don’t like someone for no reason. You can’t like everyone, and you can’t help everyone. The one thing you can do is not be the reason why someone else is sad or miserable. Admitting that you sometimes feel adverse feelings will help you control your impulses and help you through the day.



  1. Try different things

As humans, we tend to become more competent and find better ways to improve our lives. If you are a graphic designer and go for walks in the morning, you may realize that you are super inspired and energized to start designing after your morning walks. That is how you kill two birds with one stone; there is no way you won’t be excited to see another day. You might not have had your self-care routine figured out initially, but you will eventually if you are persistent with improving yourself.



  1. Keep it simple and stay consistent

You have a list of the things you love so, make sure you aren’t setting yourself up by taking on tasks more than you can handle. It is better to complete smaller tasks consistently. Another piece of advice is that your list is ever-changing; once you become self-aware and choose yourself first. You will have to let go of anything toxic for you, be it friends or a job. You should add more things that keep you energized to your list.




What tip did you find most useful? You can also share your self-care routine with us; you may never know just how many people you can help.



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