Mandy Kloppers

Self Belief

Life is inherently structured to bash confidence out of you. It’s during the times when the going gets tough that we need to find strength within, be kind to ourselves and remember our good points and our strengths.
All too often, our brains go into ‘default’ mode and we start to focus on all that isn’t good and what isn’t going well in life.
This type of thinking is damaging to your mood and completely unhelpful.
Instead – remind yourself of the things you have accomplished, what you’re proud of. Focus on what is going well for you and make a pact with yourself to believe that no matter what – you will always find a way.
Don’t let others’ negativity get you down or dissuade you. We are all on our own journeys, go at your own pace.
Be your own best friend and watch those automatic thoughts that pop into your head that don’t serve you well. Reframe the thoughts to maintain a balanced perspective. Often – your thinking is just that – thoughts. Is the reality different? Is there another way to look at ‘reality’?
Try the above – it’ll enhance your mood!!

M x

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash