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Risk it

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Risk It


We are born without psychological restraints and initially see possibilities and opportunities everywhere. At the age of two, one of our most frequently said words is “no”. As our parents try to train us to fit in and behave in a socially acceptable manner, we fight to keep our essential self in tact while our social self starts to take over. We resist attempts to allow our social selves to smother our essential self.

Say “please and thank you”…. No

“Don’t stick your fingers in your mouth”…No

“Stop pulling everything out the cupboard”…No


By the time we are adults, we are cautious with a million and one reasons why things are impossible rather than possible.

Sometimes it is good to take risks. To test ourselves and situations we find ourselves in. We can get bogged down by bureaucracy, office politics, societal conditioning and protocol to the extent that we end up just fitting in and going along with the ‘social tide’.

We think we need material possessions to feel safe but this is a myth. Safety comes from within, from trusting yourself and your own resilience. Besides material possessions can be stolen, damaged and cause more trouble than they are worth.

Figure out what exactly you are afraid of losing by taking a risk. Your fears may never come to fruition but if you don’t try you will never know. No one ends up wishing they had tried less – they often wish they had taken more risks and lived life.

Good risks to take:

Trying something new.

Take a risk loving someone. Let the barriers down and let go.

Loving someone means risking everything — but it’s always worth it.
“In the flush of love’s light, we dare be brave. And suddenly we see that love costs all we are, and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free.” “Touched By An Angel”   Maya  Angelou

Travelling and giving up responsibilities.

Following your dreams despite the misgivings from others.

When we honour our dreams and desires, put fear aside and the thoughts of what others might think, we  can feel empowered and truly free. You can make up many more of your own rules for your life than you realise instead of living according to the rules others make for you.

Mandy X


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Take risks

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