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Relaxation Techniques: How to Breathe Easier with a CPAP Breathing Machine

Did you know that around 22 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea? If you or someone you know fall into this number you might be trying to figure out how to adapt to a CPAP breathing machine.

We are here to share tips and tricks to make using a CPAP therapy machine easier.

Use Your CPAP Breathing Machine With a Positive Attitude

The first tip we have for you to use your CPAP machine is to have a positive attitude about it. When you start using your machine if you have an attitude that this device is terrible and inconvenient you are going to right off the bat ruin your experience with your breathing machine.

Instead, have the attitude that this machine is going to help you sleep better and improve your overall health. Once you get over the initial hurdles of getting used to your machine, sleeping better will lead to having a better mood, more energy, and better concentration.

Choosing Your Mask

When you select your mask you want to make sure you choose one that fits your needs. Take the shape of your nose into consideration and test out the mask to make sure you can breathe through it easily.

If you have hair on your face, masks will fit you differently. Make sure you try different ones on, to choose the one that feels the most comfortable for breathing in and out of. Get your first mask fitted by a professional and make sure you try them on at the store before choosing one.

Practice With Your CPAP Machine

Once you have chosen the best mask for you and you pick up your machine, practice using it before sleeping with it for a whole night. If you attempt to just use it without practicing with it you might end up staying up all night because it feels weird and uncomfortable.

While you are practicing take slow and deep breaths to notice the difference in your breathing with the machine and the mask on. You should notice that breathing is easier even if it feels a little strange at first. Once you have a breathing pattern going on, do something you enjoy and keep using the machine for about half an hour to help you associate the machine with doing something you like.

We even recommend trying Relaxation Therapy With CPAP to help you relax even more. This can be in addition to easing into your breathing machine. You will be able to say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to feeling energized and rejuvenated when you learn how to relax on top of using your machine to help you breathe better.

Time to Say Hello to Better Sleep!

Now you can take the tips above and get more comfortable using your CPAP breathing machine. After some practice, you will get used to your machine and start sleeping better in no time.

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