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Reject Labels


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Reject Labels

It seems impossible to avoid the common human affliction of labelling others. Every day we are making judgements about other people. We add value to everything in life. examples such as: “This house is very good” or “that neighbourhood is very bad”. We all use what psychologists call “cognitive shortcuts” in order to make sense of our worlds as quickly as possibly. Part of this process involves labels. I’m not talking about designer labels but labels that describe others.

Are you good or argue bad? Are you worthy or unworthy? Are you intelligent or not firing on all four cylinders? All of these labels, such as: fat, thin, pretty, ugly, tall, short, weird, easy-going or narcissistic get bandied around and influence the way others treat us. It also influences the way we think about ourselves and our subsequent behaviour.

When you think about your life now, would you say that you are winning or losing? Happy or sad? Moving forwards all remaining stagnant? now I want you to think about where those labels have come from. If others decided these definitions for you (such as parents or teachers when you are younger), have you accepted them as true? Never forget that only you define you. No one else really knows what’s going on in your head and no one else can force you to be a certain way.

Reject labels. Who is the official decision maker on how “good” or “bad” is diagnosed? What are the criteria for these labels? Are you good if you can finish 10 burgers in an hour or are you good because you wear clean underwear every day? The truth is, there is no “Book of Life” that sets out specific definitions for labels. labels limit you. Reject labels. When you are unwilling to narrowly define yourself according to labels you suddenly feel freedom to be just as you are. There is no need to be better or to be more intelligent. Accept that you are who you are and that everything is as it is supposed to be.

Marvel at your weaknesses and your strengths and know that you are unique and original, never to be repeated. Love yourself as you are in and others will too. Remember that when you reject labels, you stop allowing others to decide who and what you are.

Mandy X