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REDFACE By Russell Norris

RedFace: How I Learnt to Live With Social Anxiety

Canbury Press, who specializes in non-fiction, published a book about one man’s struggle with Social Anxiety Disorder. The book is called Redface: How I Learnt to Live with Social Anxiety and is by a writer called Russell Norris, who suffers from idiopathic craniofacial erythema – an extreme form of blushing.

As an adolescent, Russell’s face and neck would turn crimson at the slightest thing. In his twenties he began suffering from an extreme form of blushing (idiopathic craniofacial erythema). It sent out all the wrong signals — to friends, family and to the opposite sex. And it triggered something worse: Social Anxiety Disorder.

Up to one in 10 people develop this irrational fear of other human beings. From university to the workplace, Russell desperately tried to hide his secret from everyone. In a forlorn attempt to be ‘normal,’ he grabbed every remedy going, from drugs to herbs to bottles of absinthe.

Wry and shocking, dark and optimistic, Redface is the eye-opening true story of one man’s struggle with his mental health. And how he found his own way forward in a world built for others. It will fascinate readers who are socially anxious, their friends and family, and anyone who wants to know what it’s like to travel to the edge of human experience and back.


Published April 2021:

✅ A stigma-breaking, myth-busting, powerful insight into life with SAD

✅ Social Anxiety Disorder is a condition up to 10% of the UK population experience

✅ Reveals how SAD impacted one man’s life and how he learnt to cope



‘I myself have SAD and chronic blushing. Its dictated my whole life. It is nice to read a book about someone like myself but also see their success despite the hardship. I myself don’t see this a possibility for my life but it warms me greatly know that Russell and others have succeed in quietening this condition, even if its just enough. Thank you for opening up and writing a book about blushing it means a lot.’ – Martyn Kitney on Amazon


‘Empowering and cathartic’ – Dr Tracy Cooper, International Consultant on High Sensitivity

‘Deeply moving and informative’ – Lily Bailey, author of Because We Are Bad

‘An honest, brave and much needed account of what it feels like to live with severe social anxiety. Having a male writer dealing so openly with topics like social anxiety, shyness, introversion and sensitivity is sadly all too rare and makes this book all the more of a triumph.’ – Tom Falkenstein, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist & author of The Highly Sensitive Man


Redface is available to purchase off Amazon (Click here).

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