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Recent surge in over 65s contracting STIs

A recent surge in over 65s contracting STIs – as featured yesterday on The Lorraine Show, with Dr Hilary.I am revisiting this subject today due to its media coverage on The Lorraine Show this morning….

A few months ago, I was invited onto BBC Radio Solent to chat with Pat Sissons about the controversial subject that had recently arisen within the media regarding condoms now being packaged in lookalike seeds envelopes and available to buy in Garden Centres across the UK because of a recent surge in over 65s contracting STIs and – mainly gonorrhoea.


Analysis by Public Wellbeing England has revealed that STIs among the many over-65s is at an all-time excessive, with instances greater than doubling previously 10 years amongst this age group within the UK.

Sex & Intimacy later in life – Is this a taboo subject?

Today, people are living longer, divorcing easier and having a ready supply of Viagra/other erectile dysfunctional remedies.  It makes sense that there has been a surge in over 65s contracting STIs.

Sex can be a fundamental part of a person’s life, despite their age.  Sex is important and provides significant health benefits – a feeling of better self-esteem and cardiovascular health, which ultimately makes us feel good about ourselves.

It is also significant that the older demographic of daters understand that just because they cannot get pregnant or get anyone else pregnant, it does not mean that they cannot damage their health with the contraction of an STD.  Also, as we get older, our immune systems are naturally less effective hence the surge in over 65s contracting STIs.

I believe, as a single (58) year-old lady and someone who deals with senior singles coming out of long-term marriages/relationships and preparing to enter the new scary world of dating, there should be less stigma and more readily, easily accessible and available information on sex later in life in a new relationship, or just with a new partner – including precautions, condoms and without being judged, smirked or laughed at! 


Jacqui Baker

I am a Recovery, Dating and Relationship Expert for Singles in their 50s, 60s & 70s.

I mentor newly mature singles through the rejection or loss of a long-term partner and prepare them to enter the big new world of dating.

I introduce them to prospective partners based on their values and commonalities.

I help disperse any pre-set misconceptions of how a prospective partner should look and behave – give an understanding of how important values and commonalities are a great basis to move forward with and not an image or height or ethnicity are on a profile. Its about finding the person they so dearly desire to find at this stage in their lives, to continue on this last part (really quite short part) of their life journey, to keep them company and saving many from dire loneliness!