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Mandy Kloppers

Reasons to Pursue a Career in Psychology

When you are looking at all of the options out there for a career, you may find that there are so many choices that you can make. There are a lot of sectors to choose from and each one will have many options to fill. It can all come down to your skills, talents, and interests to help you out with this one. 


One of the career choices that you can make is to go after a career in psychology. While this may not be the first thing that others will choose for a career, it can open up a lot of doors and present a fun way for you to get to know others and do some good. Some of the reasons why you should consider pursuing a career in psychology includes:

It Can Improve Your Personal Relationships


One of the biggest reasons that you should consider going with a career in this field is that you will be able to see big improvements in some of your own relationships. This career choice will allow you to learn about the people around you and some of their behaviors, which could help you put things into perspective when it comes with your own personal relationships. 

In psychology, there will be a few fundamental tasks that you will need to do each day in order to help your patients. Some of these include:

  • Assessing the patient
  • Diagnosing the patient
  • Treating the issue at hand

These need to be done on a wide range of behavioral, emotional, and mental disorders. While you take the time to do this work to learn about your patients, you are bound to learn more about the others around you as well. Some of the techniques that you present to your clients and patients are ones that you can use in. your own life as well. 

This is important information that you can use, not to manipulate those in the world around you, but to really help to make some improvements in how you communicate and interact with these individuals as well. You will be able to step up and use that when there is a breakdown in communication or something is going wrong with you or the other person. 

Plenty of Job Opportunities

When you are looking for a career that is able to provide you with a lot of doors for careers, then a good option is one in psychology. This can come as a surprise to a lot of people, but a career in psychology will allow you to have a range of prospects when it comes to which career or job you would like to take on. 

Research predicts that by 2024, the employment of these professionals will grow by a minimum of 19%, which is a lot faster than the average growth that we are able to see with a lot of other fields. This can make it easier for you to figure out the right door to walk through and find a job that you like. 

 Part of this really large growth is going to be due to the fact that psychology will be needed in many different areas. The professional can choose to work in schools with children or even at colleges to help out those who are in need or may be struggling with something that is difficult while they are in school. 

 The psychologist can also work in hospitals. They are very much needed to help out with those suffering from mental health disorders who need some help. Social service agencies will rely on the psychologist to make sure that children are doing well and that adjustments can be made if it is necessary to keep them safe. 

 Some psychologists will also choose to start their own practice. This will allow them to work with a specific group of people or in a niche area of psychology to help those in need the most. These are just a few of the career options that are available for the student when they choose this industry for their career. 

 Improve the Lives of Others

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One of the biggest reasons why someone will choose to go into a career of psychology is because they want to make a difference in the lives of those around them, even if the difference is pretty small. They want to get out there and help out others, and this is a great industry to allow for this to happen. 

You will find that by pursuing a degree in psychology, you will get a chance to help out many people every day that you report to work. You get a chance to devote your time and energy to helping people in a variety of manners.


  • You can help them reach their greatest potential
  • You can help them get through some tough times
  • You can help them handle a mental disorder or even a drug addiction that is taking over their lives. 
  • You can help children who are struggling after the loss of a family member or getting removed from their families. 
  • You can help those going through abuse and other problems. 
  • You can help those who need to get over adversity. 

There are many different reasons that your patients will come to see you to seek out help. But overall, your job will be to help them get through the tough times, so that they can improve their lives and see the best results. You can choose the setting and the niche that you want to choose for getting into psychology, but you will be working hard to help others. 

Choosing a Career in Psychology

While a career in psychology is not something that will work out for each person, there are many who will be surprised at how much this can change their lives and turn into something they love. Take a look at some of the reasons above to help you decide whether a career in psychology makes sense for your needs.