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Protecting Our Planet

Planet Terrestrial Earth Animated
Planet Terrestrial Earth Animated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Protecting our planet is something that we all need to invest time and effort into as it benefits all of us. The recent story in the news about the shark cull in Western Australia got me thinking about a few things. Firstly, I was amazed at the lack of insight and the ‘backward’ thinking involved in deciding to cull sharks in the area. A spokesman for the Western Australian Government stated that there had been an increase in shark attacks on surfers amounting to seven attacks over the last three years. Really? We are in their territory and kill them when they react according to nature’s laws. Unenlightened thinking in this day and age – it astounds me.

On the positive side, I have genuinely felt thankful at the uproar that this cull has caused and how many people have been outraged at the unnecessary violence. This proves to me that there are many like minded individuals that see beyond their immediate wants/needs to the greater good. It shows me that there is a selfless wisdom that exists and that acknowledges that humans should not kill every possible threat to the human race. There is more at stake.

The fact that so many people disagree with the shark cull proves that there is an enlightenment that is growing. An understanding of the bigger picture and a compassion that exists that is greater than putting ourselves first at all costs. Wonderful stuff!!

Mandy X

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