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Pros Of Being A Per Diem Nurse

Per diem jobs can be perfect for some nurses depending on their life and career goals. There are a lot of top per diem nursing jobs being offered all around the world and nurses are taking advantage of this to grow their careers and explore different areas in different medical facilities. Get to know the Pros of being a per diem nurse so you can be more motivated to become one.

Pros Of Being A Per Diem Nurse

Flexible Schedule

Is per diem better than full-time? As a per diem nurse, you don’t have to follow a regular schedule. You will just be reporting once they need your service. Working with an agency that can give you continuous assignments can be a good choice, in this way you can earn more. The good thing about a per diem nursing job is you can take a break whenever you want to. If you are the type of person who wants to have an active career but don’t want to totally commit your time then per diem is a perfect fit for you. You are given the opportunity to practice your career and at the same time, you are free to do the things you think are more important like taking care of your family or pursuing a passion you love.

 If you aim to pursue a job as an RN, make sure you do research in the right places like staffing agencies, company websites and job search sites. These websites offer options of filtering jobs by location, education, experience, salary, so the job hunting process will become much more manageable. By simply searching for the phrases like “nursing jobs near me”, you will discover a range of positions with different working conditions.

Higher Hourly Rates

Per diem nurses get paid higher compared with regular nurses. Since their services are needed anytime and hours are not guaranteed. They are paid at a higher rate to compensate for their dedication to work on a flexible schedule. The good thing about the per diem nurse rate is it can increase if nurses have more experience and specialization. For instance, in-demand specialization gets a higher hourly rate even if they are just per diem nurses. Plus if you get assigned to high-paying cities then you get paid more.

You Can Decline Assignments

Can a per diem employee be mandated? If you have more important matters to do and you get a call from your nursing agency you can decline the assignment. You can be able to plot your schedule according to which one needs you more. This is advantageous in working as a per diem nurse since this is not possible when you are working as a full-time employee. You are mandated to report and if you need to take a leave you have to go through the proper process before getting approval.

More Job Exposure

As a per diem nurse, you will get experience dealing with different departments and different environments. Thi exposure can help you determine what specialization as a nurse would you want to pursue as your regular job in the future. Per diem nursing jobs can be your stepping stone in achieving your goal in your career. In the long run, the time will come when you want to settle to a stable nursing job and your per diem nursing job can be your guide on which one will be concentrating more in the future. For new nurses, per diem jobs can also be the start of their journey since per diem nurses can be hired with lesser experience. They can use this opportunity to earn more experience needed in much bigger assignments in the future.

Potential Tax Breaks

Do you pay taxes on per diem? Per diem nurses can pay their own taxes and since they are not regular workers they are not mandated to pay taxes.

Bonus Work for Full-time Nurse

As a full-time nurse, you can get a per diem nursing job as your additional job if you want to. Since the schedule is flexible you can take assignments when you are free or during your off. This can be a good addition to your regular pay.

Now that you have an idea of the Pros of being a per diem nurse. You can start getting the requirements and find a nursing agency that can handle you. Working with a nursing agency as a per diem nurse can give you more work opportunities and they can guide you on where to be assigned to maximize your potential and be able to earn more as well. Be a per diem nurse and start your journey in broadening your career as a nurse.

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