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Productive rest



Productive rest

Many of my clients seem to actively resist the idea of taking time out of their busy schedules. They feel guilt when they are not continually on the go. Society conditions us to be busy all the time but this is something that needs to be rejected. There is such a thing as “productive rest” and this means it is a positive thing, not necessarily a means to shirk responsibility.

When you get into the habit of regularly taking time to rest, whether that’s a nap during the day, or you take a day off, you will soon realise the accumulative benefits of allowing your body and mind to relax.

Society doesn’t want you to rest of take time for yourself- Capitalistic society dictates that you be a productive contributing member of society. What you aren’t told is that, actually, the key to being productive and effective in the long run, is to make sure that you are enjoying productive rest periods along the way.

It’s all about balance. Stop the guilt and schedule in time to enjoy your surroundings, re-assess your direction in life and recharge your batteries. Ultimately, you will be MORE productive and efficient than those who never take time out.

Mandy X