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Preparing For The Newborn Bubble

When you are pregnant there can be so much focus surrounding the actual pregnancy. You will be thinking about how you feel, looking at what you eat and monitoring every movement. Shopping for those newborn essentials and getting yourself ready for the impending arrival of your newborn baby. However, we can often forget to think about what will happen when the baby arrives. It is totally normal to then feel out of your depth when you enter that newborn bubble. But so many people will tell you to enjoy that time as it can be such an amazing moment to enjoy with your family. So how can you prepare for the newborn bubble? Here are some suggestions.    

Prepare when it comes to meals 


For many, the thought of cooking when they have a newborn wanting feeding every few hours and have not had much sleep can be the last thing on your mind. But you equally need to keep your strength up and have a nutritious meal, for your own wellbeing. So preparing in advance with meals that you can freeze will be a welcome relief on those evenings where you just don’t have the energy. Be your future friend. 


Think about other children if needed


This may not be your first baby, and so you might want to prepare in advance when it comes to other children that you have. For example, if you have a cesarean section you may not be able to do the school run, so organising how your child gets to school will be important. You may also want to arrange some playdates away from the home for your other children so that they can get some fun time as well. It can be overwhelming for a child when a new one enters into the family dynamics. 


Capture the moments


You may want to take opportunities to ensure that you capture the moments which is why having your phone to hand is really important. But, you could also look at booking a newborn photographer who could also capture some waxing shots. Not just of your little one, but also as a family. There is nothing quite like having a few professional shots that you can proudly display around your home. 


Take up offers of help


You should also ensure that you take up any offers of help. This might be friends and family offering to hoover around your home, make you a meal or give you some time to have a nap or take a shower. It could be help with your other children or just being company on those days when things can get a little tough. 


Embrace the chaos 


Finally, prepare to embrace the chaos as much as possible. Your house won’t be as clean as you might like, the washing might eb piling up and you may be feeling tired and overwhelmed. But this time is short and sweet so make the most of it. 


Let’s hope these tips help you to prepare for the newborn bubble. 



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