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Mandy Kloppers

Premature Balding in Men: Why Does It Happen?

It’s not every day we lose our hair. In fact, it only happens every couple of decades. But when it does, it can seem hopeless and depressing.

There’s no reason to despair, however. Hair loss in men can be slow and gradual, and there are plenty of viable treatments available to help you get your hair back on track.

Let’s take a look at the causes of male premature balding, shall we? Read along to learn more!


A person’s unique genetic makeup can determine the natural processes that take place in their body. Hereditary factors are continuously passed down from generation to generation and govern the likelihood of a person experiencing hair loss.

For example, “male pattern baldness,” which is characterized as a receding hairline and thinning of hair on the top of the head, is a trait that is commonly found in family members and, in large part, caused by genetic predisposition. One may also be at a greater risk of developing premature baldness or alopecia if they possess specific genetic markers, such as a lack of certain hormones in the scalp.


The body can produce certain hormones that can cause the follicles on the scalp to become smaller and lose the production of hair eventually. These hormones are called androgens and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), both of which attach to the receptor sites on the scalp and stunt hair growth. DHT is the hormone behind most cases of male pattern baldness, and its effect on the scalp can happen as early as during puberty.

Furthermore, hormonal imbalances caused by stress, aging, and illness can also contribute to balding. If the hormone levels inside the body are off-balance, it can disrupt healthy hair production and growth, and aid baldness so better to learn how to address sudden hair loss in the early stages.

Stress and Health

This is because a person’s stress level can have a serious impact on their health. Additionally, extreme amounts of emotional and psychological stress can lead to physical stress, causing hair thinning and balding.

Stress levels can also be easily raised due to poor health, which can further thin and weaken the hair follicles, leading to further hair loss and balding. Furthermore, health problems such as hormonal imbalances, anemia, and thyroid conditions can contribute to hair loss.


As premature balding age gets older, their bodies produce less testosterone, a hormone responsible for male characteristics, including hair production. In addition, the more a man ages, the more sensitive his hair follicle becomes, resulting in weaker hair growth and possible balding.

Avoid Premature Balding Today

Premature balding is a difficult reality that many men have to face. It can be easily caused by many underlying factors that can vary from person to person.

Until more research is done, all that can be done is to identify the cause and take preventative measures to reduce hair loss. If you believe you’re suffering from premature balding, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.

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