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Mandy Kloppers

Pre-Planning Your Funeral: Why You Should Do So

Death, funerals, and grief are all still taboo subjects in our society. However, there should be no reason to tiptoe around these topics because, unfortunately, they are very normal occurrences. Just as we are all born, we must all die, and our lives should be celebrated in the way we deem most appropriate. Rather than leaving the troubles of planning your funeral to your loved ones, it’s best that you get this out of the way and do it yourself.  


Set Your Budget  


This will be an emotional time for your family members, so leaving as many details clarified as possible can significantly help them with the overall process. Similarly, make sure that you have a certified will to avoid any potential conflict after your passing. Don’t forget to estimate the total cost of your funeral and amend any of the services if you find yourself over budget. Try to leave behind enough money to cover your expenses and if not, you could always look into funeral insurance. Bear in mind that funerals can be quite expensive and you wouldn’t to leave your family members with a burden greater than their emotional one.   


Decide Your Service  


After you sort out the legal and financial aspects of the funeral, you can begin to organize the actual service itself. This includes thinking about whether you would rather be cremated or buried, and whether you would like a wake, viewing, or visitation. The most popular choice for funeral services is now cremation, although, more traditionally, people preferred to be buried at their local graveyard. If you are curious as to why are more people turning to cremation services burials? Have a look at this article.  


Add Your Personal Touches  


This is one of the most important steps of pre-planning your funeral because these are the most specific and personalized details that family members may not have a clue about. Think about you would like to write your eulogy, where you would want the memorial to be held, and what kinds of music or poetry you would like during the service. You could include a preference for your officiator or who your pallbearers will be. Other points you can specify include whether you would like to make a charitable donation that has meant something to you, or whether you would like to invite a specific group of people to your funeral.   


You have a right to decide how you wish to celebrate the end of your life. Going through the ordeal of pre-planning your funeral may seem a bit dark, however, in reality, this will be beneficial for the loved ones and family members that you leave behind. By pre-planning your funeral, you can be clear about your wishes and leave a plan in place for those who need to organize the event. Pre-planning your funeral is nothing to be ashamed about or ridiculed for. It is the sensible thing to do and it will drastically help your grieving family members.    


Photo by Rhodi Lopez on Unsplash