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Positive parenting – a clever new way


Our journey to parenthood was a test of endurance. IVF, baby loss, grief, fear, neonatal intensive care, hope, love and miracles.
Somehow, we got there and now we are learning everyday from our miracle twin boys. Trying to live more in the moment, setting realistic expectations, accepting the harder days and relishing the good times.
We want to lift families up with practical tools, support and resources (no judgment or preaching allowed).
Whilst we were in hospital with our boys we created four characters called the Beehaviour buddies – who looked out for all the families in the unit – JJ the Butterfly, Linnie the Bee, Diggle the Grasshopper and Ruby the Ladybird.
These characters were inspired by the Doctors and Nurses who gave us strength whilst selflessly caring for us all – representing all of the qualities we would want to nurture in our boys.


We are working hard to create a total solution for childcare products and resources to support parents and caregivers on their positive parenting journey. We aim do this is by:
•  Creating positive character-based content for children to spend screen-free time – brought to life by our Beehaviour Buddies.


•  Developing our Beehaviour Bands to support parents and caregivers in practicing positive parenting using our practical visual aid.


•  Collaborating with businesses to share inspirational products and resources
We will continue to research what’s out there and ‘buzz about the good’ we discover. If we can’t find what we are looking for we will create our own.


We are at the point where we have created a basic toolkit that supports positive parenting in practice.  Covering the range of learning styles (visual, kinaesthetic, auditory and read/write) we have moved beyond concept and have tested and shared with families and positive parenting experts for feedback.


Now we need to raise funds and gather insights to bring our Beehaviour Bands to reality and broaden the reach.



·       The grown-up wears the band when the child is in their care.
·       They then monitor the child’s behaviour while they are together. Recognising positive behaviours by clicking the tokens into the band colourful side up.
·       The simplicity and visual nature of the bands not only encourage the child to act in a desired way but also as a reminder for the grown-up to look out for positive behaviours to describe and recognise them in the moment.
·       At the end of the day it is simple for the grown-up to observe the number of positive tokens and ‘take time’ to reflect on the day together with the help of our free journal pages.



Beehaviour buddies is a fantastic concept. It uses positive behavioural reinforcement to encourage pro-social behaviour. This is something that all schools should have. It encourages teamwork, kindness, consideration for others and a feeling of belonging.
Your child can earn colours for their bracelet/band and the more they interact and learn the right values, the more coloured ‘tokens’ they earn to add to their bracelet. The colours can be used in many ways and parents can be creative in the way they wish to use them. The coloured bands can also be linked to four cute characters (through the free journal pages on their website) – JJ, LinnieDiggle and Ruby- Ru.
I only wish I had had this when I was raising my son!
Beehaviour buddies are currently crowdfunding to expand their market and help many more parents with their important job of raising well-adjusted children. If you love this idea as much as I do, please find out how you can help by clicking on the link below.



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