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Podcast on what to do with negative thoughts

Negative thoughts can limit you immensely in life. If you allow your negative thinking to overwhelm you, you will not live your best life. When negative thoughts rule, individuals tend to avoid the things/experiences that they fear. Someone who has helped others for many years to overcome their negative thinking and live a happier life is Karel Vredenburg.

I met Karel Vredenburg many years ago and and since then we have regularly contributed to understanding mental health issues. Part of our efforts to spread the word about how to live a more contented life has come in the form of a podcast series. Karel created the Life Habits podcast series and it has been tremendously successful. It is a free podcast series on how to live a happier healthier life and how to navigate the challenges we all face.

I felt honoured when Karel asked me to contribute to several Life Habit podcasts and I have included one below. The podcast below is is on the topic of recognising and managing common errors in thinking.

Examples of negative thoughts

Common negative thoughts but we all have can make us unnecessarily anxious or stressed. It’s important to remember that thoughts are not. Thoughts are based on our insecurities and our fears. They are filtered perceptions rather than an accurate representation of reality. When you remember this it becomes easier to dismiss the unhelpful thoughts.

Examples of unhelpful and negative thoughts

Individuals with anxiety tend to think in a way that increases their anxiety. Most, if not all, all people with anxiety tend to catastrophize. This is when someone imagines the worst-case scenario instead of being rational about the outcome of a problem or an issue. Have you ever imagine the worst happening and found yourself in a state of mental anguish? Often, your worst fears do not come true but we spend so much time focused on a scary negative thoughts.

Catastrophizing is literally a form of mental torture. The things we worry about may never happen yet because we are wired to avoid threats, I will brain works overtime in an effort to feel safe. Worrying is unhelpful and does not solve anything.

Problem-solving is the key to dealing with problems.

Negative thinking is also wasted mental energy if all you are doing is worrying and not finding solutions. Listen to the podcast as there is helpful information during the podcast that will teach you how to minimise your negative thoughts.

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Unhelpful thinking habits – Life Habits podcast.