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Pick up artists have been around for  while now. The first time I heard about them was through a make friend who was reading Neil Strauss’s book titled “The Game”. It interested me from a psychological viewpoint and I thought it would be fun to share with you what I know about pick up artists and their methods.


I believe that some of these strategies could work and do work, however I have seen some men become so obsessed with the method that they have lost their personal touch and no longer relate to women in a genuine manner.


Here are some of the strategies:




This involves wearing an item of clothing or an accessory that stands out. A good example would be a bright, flashy tie, an unusual hat or even a feather boa. Jewellery can also do the trick. Peacocking paves the way for conversation and often pick up artists have women approach them first to comment on their unusual item.




Pick up artists are encouraged to learn magic tricks to gain female attention. I know of  few men who have learned a few tricks incredibly well. This is a great conversation starter and intrigues an audience as well as being fun. Another opener is to have photographs to show, with a story behind them. The more unusual and memorable the better.




I remember a male client who was into practising the pick up artist techniques telling me that humour tended to be a very good way to sustain the attention of women. Two of his favourites lines were to say that he worked either as a: lighthouse painter or a cigarette lighter service man. They are so unusual (and not true) that people are compelled to ask more.


Lavish attention on the one you don’t want


I found this technique intriguing and I could see how it would work. A pick up artist would go out and identify a “target” in the bar/pub/restaurant. The target being a woman that he would like to talk to, someone he is attracted to. Often, it is theorized that pretty women will be out with a group of people. Find a friend of the target and begin talking to her. The target will be used to having guys hit on her and will wonder why this time, the guy is chatting to her friend instead of her. This will become a challenge to her and perhaps trigger her insecurities, making her more receptive to the pick up artists attention when he comes round to her.


I have also heard about “negs” being used, such as – “does your friend always interrupt when someone is talking?” – A neg is a negative comment which helps to create value and diminish the target in some way. This again can trigger insecurities and reverse psychology comes into play here.



I am in no way way an expert on pick up artists and their strategies. The above techniques are the few that I know about but if you want further information, have a look at these:


I wouldn’t take these techniques too seriously. Many men end up obsessively trying to pick up as many women as they possibly can and the very essence of meeting and connecting gets lots in the frenzy. Women with low self esteem are also targeted and treated in a misogynistic way which isn’t ideal.


Still a fascinating topic that I wanted to share – make your mind up for yourself…


Mandy X


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