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Physical and psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition in men. The word erectile refers to erection and dysfunction means problem. So, when men have a problem or difficulty obtaining or maintaining an erection, the condition is called erectile dysfunction. 

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The causes of erectile dysfunction can be many, but for ease of understanding, we have divided the risk factor into physical and psychological that we will discuss one by one.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction

  1. Heart diseases: Heart problems causes erectile dysfunction because when you have heart issues, enough oxygenated blood can not reach the genitals for erection and the result is a failed or insufficient erection.
  2. High cholesterol: Hyperlipidemia or very high cholesterol causes the arterial walls to become narrow because of fatty plaque accumulation and that further complicates the scenario when atherosclerosis is developed. This also hinders the circulation to the target site thus erection is hard to achieve.
  3. Diabetes: Diabetes or hyperglycemia is a very common cause of erectile dysfunction that most men are suffering from. The reason why diabetes causes erectile dysfunction is that very high blood sugar can damage the arterial walls and they can not expand enough for vasodilation and supply enough blood to fill the cavernosal sinuses.
  4. Obesity: Obesity is the most obvious cause of erectile dysfunction because obesity means a high build-up of fats in your tissues along with a high blood lipid profile. Many men with obesity have the problem of abnormal erection at an early age that resolves after weight loss.
  5. High blood pressure: Hypertension can damage the blood vessels and in the condition of high blood pressure, the arteries are unable to dilate enough to supply blood to the genitals.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

  1. Stress: Mental stress is seen prevalent in men with erectile dysfunction which means mental stress can be the cause. Or we can also say that ED can be the cause of mental stress in men.
  2. Anxiety: Anxiety and panic attacks are often the cause of erectile dysfunction because when a person remains anxious for a longer period it is called unresolved anxiety which not only affects the hormonal levels but also impairs circulation.
  3. Guilt: One common reason for erectile dysfunction can be the feeling of guilt or mistrust between two partners because of various reasons. Relationship problems make it difficult for men to concentrate on having a healthy erection and the result often is a temporarily failed erection which is often misunderstood for erectile dysfunction.
  4. Low self-esteem: Self-confidence is important for men considering their reproductive health, and men with low self-esteem often end up having an erection deficit, partly because of the lack of interest and partly due to the fear of embarrassment.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

  • The most effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is Kamagra 100mg Australia that you can avail of from online stores. It helps improve blood circulation to the genitals and relieves the symptoms of erectile dysfunction in men.
  • Another way to cope with erectile dysfunction is to treat the psychological problems men are facing. Getting rid of anxiety, stress, and guilt works best and all of these can be achieved through consultation and having a talk with a friend.
  • Treating the underlying medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes, or heart problems can treat the erection deficit in men.
  • Regular exercise, having a healthy diet and proper sleep are all important lifestyle modifications that can not only help with erectile dysfunction but also help resolve all the physical and psychological restraints.

So, to prevent erectile dysfunction at any stage of your life, make these good habits a routine and stay fit and healthy.