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Phone users’ annoying habits

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Phone users’ annoying habits

Commuters guilty of ‘most annoying habit’ among phone users with 67% votes

New poll names and shames phone users’ most irritating practices, from over-sharing to glaring errors

Talking loudly on public transport has been voted the most annoying habit among mobile users with 67% of votes. This beat ‘friends who continue to use their mobile in social situations’ with 62% and ‘playing loud music on mobile phones’ with 54%.

The new survey of over 2000 UK adults by reveals “text speak” in other communications (for example using “u” instead of “you” when e-mailing) is classed as an annoying habit by 40%. While 34% find texting while walking highly irritating.

Brits’ eagerness to keep their friends in the loop doesn’t always go down well, the survey showed, as 35% of respondents find  ‘constantly being invited by people to play mobile phone games’ annoying.

<image001.gif>As a result has created ‘Smartphone Dumb Users’ to reflect those annoying routines, allowing for people to name and shame their friends. More habits including Selfie takers and dinner snappers can be found here for users to experience.               

Following on, only 6% said they don’t find any mobile phone habits annoying.  Which shows the majority of the UK get annoyed by phone users and these are the top reasons why:

1.       Speaking loudly on mobile phones when on public transport (67%)

2.       Friends who continue using their mobile phones while in social situations (62%)

3.       Playing loud music on mobile phones (54%)

4.       Using “text speak” in other communications (e.g. using “u” instead of “you” when emailing) (40%)

5.       Constantly being invited by people to play mobile phone games (35%)

6.       Texting while walking (34%)

7.       Phone “snobbery” (i.e. people who strongly argue one phone’s merit over another) (32%) and Constantly updating a location on social media (32%)

8.       Taking/sharing selfies (31%)

9.       Taking/sharing photographs of food (27%)

10.   Misusing acronyms (e.g. misusing LOL) (21%)

Abby Francis, Content & PR Marketing Assistant at commented on the poll’s findings: “It’s interesting to see which aspects of mobile phone usage we find most annoying, and you can’t help but wonder how many of those voting are actually guilty of these themselves. User behaviour and habits have changed over the course of the last few years as mobile devices have become a fundamental part of our everyday lives and routines.”

Abby continued: “If we’re honest, most of us are guilty of at least one bad habit when it comes to using our mobile phones – whether that’s talking loudly and proudly when we’re on our daily commute or showing off that impressive dish we’ve just whipped up. Still, it’s easy (and fun) to spot these traits in other people – that’s why our Smart Phones Dumb Users graphic is a lot of fun; you’re sure to recognise someone from the line-up.”

Mandy Kloppers, Psychologist added: “Some mobile phone users seem to be going to extremes when it comes to using their phones. Instead of just being an effective communication gadget, it has become a ‘lifeline’ to many – a portable social scene to be pandered to at every possible whim. No matter where you are the urge to let others know what we are doing has become addictive as well as irritating to those in the nearby physical environment. It seems that often, the friends in cyber space maintain priority over those in the physical environment. The key is to be considerate of others and to maintain healthy boundaries as to when using a mobile phone is appropriate.

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