Mandy Kloppers



For some reason I have always been able to see life from a distance. I liken it to watching a large anthill. Seeing the ants rushing about, carrying food along and carrying out their daily routines oblivious to the larger world that exists around them. The many fields with more anthills all around them. All that exists for these ants is their anthill and along with that awareness comes a limited perspective on what it is really all about.

I’m not saying that I believe in aliens but I often look at our planet and see all the conflict among us, on a micro-level between friends and family and on a larger scale where countries, religions and political parties are involved. I wonder if we would all manage to put aside our differences if we were attacked by some unknown outside force.

This overarching perspective has helped me to transcend the petty small issues of daily living. The more we keep our eye on the really important stuff the less significant the small troubles seem.

Tips for maintaining perspective:

1) When going through a tough time, remind yourself that whatever you experiencing will not last forever. See it as an opportunity to show yourself how strong and resilient you can be.

2) Think about how you will feel tomorrow, one week from now or a few months from now. Whatever seems insurmountable in the present often isn’t such a big deal when we look back on it.

3) Keep a sense of humour and always remember that there are others worse off than you. Be aware of all the good in your life to counteract negative thinking.

4) Take time out, remove yourself from the situation if possible. Sometimes a change in scenery is all we need to encourage fresh perspectives.

5) Think about why whatever you are going through is NOT a problem. This encourages logical rational thinking and takes the emotion out of the equation. Emotions lead us to distort reality.

Perspective helps to maintain equilibrium and encourages a healthy detachment from current woes. Meditation helps to maintain perspective and calm a busy brain. Try not to get caught up in the moment when you are feeling emotionally vulnerable or overwhelmed.

Mandy X