Mandy Kloppers

Personal Examples of emotional abuse



Personal Examples of emotional abuse

1) Leaving hotel. He got the car I asked reception to get our things out of storage – he packed these items in our car. On the way home – blamed me coz his coat was forgotten.

2) Tripped over his bag in the night. My fault because I should’ve turned the light on.

3) Silent treatment after argument. “You’ve been drinking”. MOaned about me spending money on a present.

4) Seeing a girlfriend. Has thrush infection from medication – oh well, at least you wont be able to have sex

5) Found myself asking if he minded me going to the toilet during dinner (WTF? – shouldnt even have asked, should’ve just said I was going). “What about your dinner?”

6) Tried to tell me how to be with my dog, how to pack the dishwasher,  how to make his coffee, how  to run my house..etc etc had an opinion on everything

7) Passive aggressive? The KING of passive aggressive.

8) No that’s not how it is. “You don’t listen”.

9) Constantly questioning the way I did things ” why did you do that/put that there/say that?” Constantly defending myself.

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