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People skills vs qualifications


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People skills vs qualifications

I have noticed over my years of working as a counsellor that sometimes too much emphasis is put on academic qualifications. Having a good level of education is important but without people skills you are unlikely to get a foot in the door.

Time and time again, when speaking to people in corporate fields, they have told me that if they interviewed two people for the same position who had equal qualifications, they would always choose the candidate they liked the most. They also told me that they often choose the more likeable person over the more qualified person as they would rather work with someone they feel will fit into their environment and who will be easy to get along with.

I know if a few students with excellent grades but who are struggling to find work/internships due to the fact that they are shy or unable to express themselves well. Then of course, there are the arrogant students who feel entitled to be offered a work position because if their academic success – they are often shocked to find that they struggle due to their attitude.

Schools fail students in this way by focusing too much on tasks and good grades and not enough on social skills to help students get along in life. I have seen many examples of students with lower marks who have become far more successful than those who initially left college/university with A grades.

Look at balance in life, work on being a well-rounded person who can speak to others and maintain good interpersonal relationships.A person who is good with people and has good qualifications really can go far.

Mandy X