Emotional Wellbeing


Mandy Kloppers

Peace of Mind

All righty then – everyone always asks me about how to achieve peace of mind. They tell me how they feel stressed and worn out by life. How others upset them and how life seems so tough at times…their minds never stop and they feel anxious..how to stop this??

No one is immune to this but I am going to let you in on a few concepts to shake up ideas about how to achieve peace of mind. The path is slightly different for everyone as we all have different values and priorities but the foundations are the same…

The number one way to achieve peace of mind is through self acceptance. When you like who you are and the way you are/exist in the world, peace of mind follows.

Give up worrying about what others think of you or what they expect of you. More importantly – what do YOU think and expect of you…ignore everything else. Tune in – get intimately acquainted with who you are and with what’s important to you and base your life, decisions and goals around this.

If you fake who you are on any level, you are basically denying the true you and along with this will be a belief that you are somehow not acceptable as you really are…why not? who says?

You weren’t put on the planet to impress others – you are here to learn and improve upon yourself. Be a better person than you were yesterday, be kind and generous with others but live for you!
Most of us are raised to be ‘acceptable’, to fit in with society. This can erode our identities and take us away from our true selves.

People who like themselves and are authentic tend to have happier relationships and tend to be more popular as people seek them out. They are charismatic and naturally care about others. Being more independent than average, they are more outspoken. They are more open about their thoughts and feelings. If they are happy and excited they are not afraid to show it.

The more you like yourself and live authentically (in that the inner you and how you present yourself to the world, the outer you are the same) the happier and more contented you will feel….

Mandy x