Mandy Kloppers




I was trying to get out of my parking space today and a car drove up waiting for me to exit. I was struggling to extricate my car from the tight space and the fact that there was snow someone waiting for me to do my turns, flustered me even more. I have never been good at judging distances and my spatial awareness has never been something to brag about.

After a few attempts to get out (the car next to me had parked extremely close giving me very little room for manoeuvre), I gave up and went back into the parking space to let the waiting car drive past. Instead, the man waiting in the other car signalled to me that he wanted my parking space.


So, I started reversing out again. He hopped out of his car with a big smile and started directing me…all very embarrassing… but he was incredibly friendly and patient.

Not that he is probably going to read this blog but I felt I should send out a cyber “thank you” to him. What a gentleman.

Parking has never been my forte..perhaps I should invest in a Smart car!


Mandy X

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