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Paris on a Budget

Save in the City: How to Visit Paris on a Budget

Within the first half of 2023, Paris’ popularity rose by 12.3% for tourists. And if you’re someone who suffers from FOMO, then not having France as your next holiday destination is a mistake.

Live out your inner Carrie Bradshaw or Emily in Paris by visiting the city of love. Whether exploring with your girl friends or having a romantic getaway, this city boasts plenty of excitement and photo opportunities to make everyone back home jealous.

Sophie Lee, Buyer at Pink Boutique, says: “Everyone deserves Parisian luxury in their life, but that doesn’t always need to include the luxury price tag too! All it can take is grabbing the girls and your favourite dress to make you feel extra special. Whether you’re enjoying the sparkling Eiffel Tower in your own sequin dress or visiting the Palace of Versailles in style, enjoying yourself doesn’t have to be costly.”

Plan ahead of time

Getting the best deals when you want to get away means planning ahead to find the best bargains. You don’t want to miss out on the iconic Parisian luxury lifestyle while there, so saving on your travel could give you some extra funds to spend in France.


If you’re planning to fly, then looking up to four months in advance can actually save you 13% on your travel tickets. Making sure you’re shopping around can ensure you’re getting the best deal and not wasting money on the same trip. After all, a flight from London to Paris is only 1 hour 15 minutes, you don’t want to be wasting hundreds on that.

And make sure you’re packing ahead of time to avoid extra luggage. If your hand luggage is too large, you will be expected to pay extra, so avoid these unnecessary costs by packing tight and light.

Go out of season

Another way to save you some extra pennies is to go out of season. Not only will going during the high season mean that you’re likely to spend more on tickets and hotels, but you will also be more likely to be stuck in crowds most of the time – making sightseeing a lot less fun.

The high season in Paris is between June and December, with the downtime being between late December and February. So, instead of spending your summer in Paris, why not explore the city during one of the most romantic times of the year? Christmas.

This way, you can visit some of the best free attractions without having your view spoilt. Want to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre without looking over someone’s shoulder? Try visiting in the early parts of the year for the quietest crowds.

Take the girls

Why not bring the price down and the mood up by spending time with your friends? Grab the girls, your midi blue dress and fabulous heels, and fly away for the weekend to Paris. Not only can a group of you spread the costs of the journey, hotels, and food a lot better, but you will be able to enjoy the views and attractions with the people who mean the most to you.

And who is better equipped to take those stunning photos you need to wow everyone back home? Whether looking lovely in the Louvre or catching the right light by the Seine, spending time with your girls can give you the perfect, mood-boosting winter trip away.

Bike the city

One way to see this wonderful city can be to bike. Simply visit one of Paris’ many Vélib’ stations to rent a bike for thirty minutes.

This is a completely free rental for mechanical bikes, or you can pay a small fee for an electric bike if cycling isn’t your thing or keep your bike for longer if you fancy a longer trip.

This way, you get to see Paris in a different way, enjoy the scenery, and get from A to B without digging a hole in your purse.

Avoid ‘sitting fees’ in restaurants

One additional fee that can easily catch new tourists is Paris’ restaurant sitting fee. If you’re imagining drinking wine or coffee in a lovely restaurant, then you might want to expect this extra charge.

And sitting in can be worth it, with wonderful locations around the city to dine in and die for. But if you’re wanting a quick pick-me-up, then you might want to consider standing at the bar rather than taking a seat.

Instead, why not choose a picnic in the park for you and your friends? You can even sit in the stunning Champ de Mars, known for its views of the Eiffel Tower. Visit some of the local shops and indulge in wine, bread, and maybe even a pain au chocolat while basking in the sun.


Planning a Paris getaway doesn’t have to be expensive. You can enjoy luxury and indulge in a bit of culture without splashing the cash to do so. From planning ahead to save those extra euros on your flight to going as a group, you can help spread the cost – and if you employ a bit of girl maths, if you pay four months in advance, are you really spending that money anyway?