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Panic Attacks and Workaholics

Panic attacks
Panic attacks

Panic Attacks and Workaholics

Panic attacks are becoming increasingly common. Clients that have come to me with panic attacks are often those that have tried to be strong for too long. They have soldiered on when they should’ve taken some time out. Modern life pushes us to be relentless in our pursuit of money, status and power. It is often seen as weak to need time out. Actually, I think it is a sign of strength and self awareness to be able to acknowledge when it is time to slow down for a while. There are no hero badges for those that carry on regardless and have a heart attack on the golf course at the age of 50. I always say to these clients: “There is only one of you but your company will carry on regardless”. I have seen countless times how businesses have sacked long term employees without so much as a decent goodbye. “It is nothing personal but please clear your desk by 5pm today”.

There are no bonuses for a misplaced sense of loyalty and I wonder sometimes if the current business ethos somehow allows brainwashing of employees. Training that gets employees to think that they must work ten hour days and not take a lunch break. Seriously? Don’t buy it! Of course, there are times when we have to put in overtime but I would seriously question a company that expects you to put in constant overtime.

So what if everyone else does it. Don’t be a sheep. Be one of the clever guys who knows about work/life balance and refuses to compromise on this. Thankfully there does seem to be a trend of high profile executives taking lower paying jobs in order to be able to live their lives a bit more. Have time with friends and family and recharge.

For all the others – don’t be brainwashed into believing that work is always where it’s at. It’s a conspiracy…I see so many washed put clients who are exhausted and have lost their ability to enjoy themselves. Mostly they are burnt out but have failed to recognise the signs.

This post is a wake up call to all you workaholics out there. Slow down..why the rush? If you don’t make time for balance in your life your body will find a way to force you to slow down. Don’t let it get to that stage.

Come on – get out now for that coffee break or take a day off to just do nothing. If you feel resistance to this idea, it’s even more essential that you do it!

Mandy X

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