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Online Dating

Online dating is for everyone

Online dating has taken off in a huge way. Once seen as the arena for nerdy, socially inept people – it is now used by many people from different backgrounds. Globally, apparently one in five relationships now starts online and the media is constantly reporting on stories of happily married couples who found each other with the click of a mouse. Online dating has become so important to the UK economy that the Office of National Statistics has added online dating to its inventory of goods and services to calculate UK inflation rates.

It’s also interesting to note that the split of male to female members on most of the sites is around the 50:50 mark, and the number of older daters, those from 50 years of age and up has become a real growth market. People want more out of life and older people are more likely to divorce and seek out a more compatible partner than ever before according to statistics.

Slay Chernoff started up an online dating site called “LoveAwake” ( I asked him why he set up the online dating site and he told me that he always liked the whole idea of online dating. He met his wife online so he practices what he preaches and also said that every time he receives letters from people who found love on his website it makes him feel he is involved in something special. Slay went on to say, “Although we  exist virtually for our members we do real things. Online dating is something that is going to grow and the new era of mobile devices will make it extremely interesting and attractive for people to find love”.

I was curious about how dating sites work these days as I have not tried online dating for a while and went on LoveAwake’s website to see for myself.

First of all – it is free to join which is always a bonus. Setting up a profile is easy and it’s a MUST to add a photo if you want people to notice you. Writing a profile description that is original is important too.  LoveAwake reaches a worldwide audience – a global online dating site. One thing that I liked about the site is the ability to text short messages, send their profile and flirt with other singles.

As written on the website:

“This is a unique new service that allows people to text short messages, send their profile, to flirt with other singles and receive numerous matches via a text message, which helps you connect with singles instantly. The service is the completely anonymous. All customers confirm that they are the owner of the phone and that you are over 18. Your Cell Phone Number is Kept Private. Receiving SMS message is a free service and LoveAwake doesn’t charge you to receive messages from other members.”

You can also send (and receive) gifts which is something I have never come across before:

“Any order for flower or gift delivery or a custom order is passed on to our central processing unit. We have 24-hour customer support which helps provide timely and fast processing and fast reaction to our customers inquiries. After an order has been processed – it is sent to our partners located in the city of delivery. Our partners are flowers shops and major flower stores run by highly professional florists, courier delivery and congratulation services, supermarkets.”

Love Awake offers everything that a standard online dating site would and offers hints and help along the way should you need it. There is also an analytics graph that tells you how many people have contacted you and where they are located geographically. Additions like this make it easier to use the site and consolidate your information at a glance.

So much can be done online these days, it still astounds me. So, if you want to give online dating a try it might be worth having a look at LoveAwake to find someone. Who knows, it might be the best decision you ever make.

If you decide to give online dating a go, please let me in the comments section or email me and I will publish your stories!

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