Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

One thing you must NEVER give up

You want to know the one thing that you should NEVER give up, not for anyone or anything? The simple answer is your self respect. Never give this up for anyone.

I have seen people sell their souls to make more money, cut off their own families to keep their boyfriend/girlfriend happy and even give up their identity in order to be accepted and ‘loved’ by someone else.

First off, if someone truly loves you, they would never expect you to make such huge sacrifices for their sake. Secondly, when you sell your soul and give up your self respect, it becomes impossible to be happy anyway.

Self respect means that you won;t let someone abuse you – emotionally, physically, financially…

You know your boundaries and you don’t let someone cross them. Low self esteem is a good predictor of someone who will sacrifice self respect but I can assure you it’s a big big mistake. When you sacrifice your self respect for whatever reason, the other person automatically loses any respect for you too.

How to protect your self respect:
Don’t do anything that you don’t feel is right for you just to please someone else – especially if it goes against your fundamental values (such as honesty, integrity, family, etc).

Maintain clear boundaries on what you will and won’t accept from others.

Show yourself respect, never put yourself down in front of others.

Know what your values are and live according to them. If truth and honesty are important, don’t lie for some one else. Instead, re-assess the person who is asking you to go against your core values.

Others will respect you more if you say “no” and stick to what feels right for you.

Mandy X