Mandy Kloppers

One in a million

When you think of the phrase, “one in a million” what doe sit make you think of? Do you think of something special and unique? Something or someone that is set apart and is special in some way? The other way to think about the phrase “one in a million” is that you aren’t special or unique. That you are just one in amonst a million others.

I know I can feel that way sometimes, especially when I go on Twitter or Linkedin. Twitter and Linkedin remind me of how many millions of people all working hard and tring to make their mark and get noticed in some way. On a bad day and if my thinking is ‘off’, I can feel quite insignificant.

When you think about psychological flexibility, “one in a million” is a great example. If I go forth into the world thinking that I am one in a million in a good way – unique and special, I am far more likely to be successful and to feel more contented.

If however, my thinking is more along the lines of being insignificant, just a “number”, I may end up feeling quite disillusioned and depressed.

Thoughts affect our emptions and our behaviour and the above example is a great depiction of how our thoughts can hinder or help us.

Allow your thoughts to work for you. The thoughts you focus on will become your reality. Whilst it’s not always easy to think in a helpful and productive way, it’s important to realise how important your thoughts are for shaping your life.

Mandy X