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Of All The Things Animated Film about Hoarding Disorder


Leicester Animation Studio Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Animated Short Film Shedding Light on Hoarding Disorder

Animation studio, Kino Bino, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for their animated short film ‘Of All The Things’.  Supported by the British Film Institute (BFI) NETWORK, the film will visually explore real human emotions within the context of Hoarding Disorder focusing on the relationship between a mother and her daughter.

Though the BFI NETWORK supported by the National Lottery is behind the project, Kino Bino are seeking pledges to complete the production. Their crowdfunding campaign is backed by national hoarding organisations such as Hoarding Disorder UK, Clouds End, and Hoarding Support, with Leicestershire Fire Service, academic experts, and organisations like the British Psychological Society, Age UK, and the APDO rallying behind this worthwhile film.

Steff Lee, the film’s Director, explains, “Our film is more than just a story. We aim to raise awareness and spark conversations around this often misunderstood condition. We believe that, through the power of narrative, we can cultivate empathy, challenge prevailing stereotypes surrounding hoarding, and inspire individuals, their families, and friends to seek support.”

Highlighting the film’s creative portrayal of life in a hoarded home. Producer Bella Tomlinson, known for her work on classics like ‘Bob the Builder’ and ‘Pingu’, emphasises,” ‘Of All The Things’ has also been an opportunity to give women working in or starting in the animation industry a chance to showcase their fantastic talents. Our amazing crew has created stunning artwork, charming character designs, and evocative music to highlight how hoarding can impact lives. We’re raising funds through crowdfunding to ensure that this film serves not only as a creative expression but also as a valuable resource for hoarding support organisations.”

Professor Nick Neave, Director of the Hoarding Research Group, adds, “The film will form an invaluable educational tool to raise awareness about hoarding disorder, and how it can impact the person and their family. It will be useful for the general public, for people who hoard, and the professionals who deal with hoarding cases and hopefully promote more positive attitudes towards this condition”

Adds Steff, “By participating in our crowdfunding campaign, backers and sponsors become integral investors in a creative film with the potential to positively impact the lives of those with Hoarding Disorder.” Kino Bino is pleased to announce that DMU Engagement and Holistic Hoarding are the first corporate sponsors. Thanks will be extended to sponsors through film credits, exclusive updates, and recognition across their platforms. Plus, crowdfund backers can look forward to a treasure trove of rewards!

Don’t miss your chance to make a difference. Support the crowdfund here:

About Kino Bino

Kino Bino are an animation studio based in Leicester specialising in content for children, healthcare and community campaigns. Their vision is to make a difference to communities worldwide. With decades of experience they are trusted by brands such as the BBC, NHS and TED-Ed and have both BAFTA and RTS nominations in their team’s trophy cabinet.

Of All the Things website address:

Crowdfund website address:

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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