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Getting older

At first I thought it must be a cruel joke on Mother Nature’s part. Ending up in an ageing body with a mind that still feels young at heart …why can’t we stay youthful till the very end? We start off young and vital but unsure of ourselves. Then, over time we begin to settle into our ‘moulds’ and begin to accept what we were born with. Some of us get a little help from the burgeoning cosmetics industry and others help themselves a little more with a touch of plastic surgery…but hopefully we get there in the end. A body and face that we like, that’s what we all want. As much as we try to resist, time still keeps marching on and inevitably we all face the reality that our bodies are not quite as they used to be.
Bits are starting to sag. I still just pass the ‘pencil test’ but it’s only a matter of time before that pencil will, sadly, stay firmly in place. Eating the same amount as I did when I was younger is also out of the question. I used to stuff my face with Kentucky Fried chicken and desserts and maintain my weight whereas now I have to watch what a eat. I find it so boring as I have never been one of those women who consistently ordered salads for every meal.
Lines are appearing on my face and I have even noticed grey hairs appearing. Why do our bodies have to fade? It’s a tough change to face when we live in a society obsessed with youth and beauty. So how do you manage the onslaught of ageing?
I have given this a lot of thought and have come up with a few tips:
1) Acceptance is crucial. Adopting a healthy attitude to growing older creates inner symmetry and a healthy glow. Work with your body as it changes and adapt instead of resisting and trying every new product that emerges. Most of them are based on hype and don’t really do much to slow the process down. There is also nothing worse than seeing someone that has had too much cosmetic surgery and has face that looks as if it has been making its way through a wind tunnel for too long.
2) Create healthy thinking. See yourself as a work of art that is unfolding, just as it is meant to. See the lines and blemishes that emerge as an interesting discovery. There is a way to look at this in a positive light. Thank your body for working for you every day and allowing you to experience life…whether that’s swimming or walking or enjoying an art gallery. Many of us take our bodies for granted and just expect it to work for us whilst there are some who can only get by with the help of medical equipment. If your body has served you well, say thank you to it!
3) Make the most of what you have. You may have to change the type of make up that you wear and adjust a few things here and there but you can still make the most of what you have. There is no point in fighting it – just love what you see and focus on the bits you love. Join a gym or try yoga…take up rock climbing of you wish. Concentrate on what you can do, not on what you can’t.
4) You will never be as young as you are right now. Live for today and enjoy it.
Mandy x


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