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No Real Direction?…Why You Can Relax

Perduta [Lost]
Perduta [Lost] (Photo credit: ecatoncheires)

No Real Direction?


Do all your days seem the same? When you look back over the past few months do you feel as if you’re spinning your wheels in the mud and have no real direction? Even though life seems to whizz by, when it comes to actual progress, life can sometimes feel as if someone has pressed the pause button. In fact, there is no problem with this but due to the modern world that we live in, there can be a lot of guilt around a lack of progress. I regularly ask my clients to complete a psychological questionnaire and the one common result that 90% of my clients end up with is “unrelenting standards”. This is evidence that we all feel this pressure to be achieving and “doing” constantly.

It is time to ask yourself why you feel this pressure to constantly achieve. Is it because you are driven and ambitious? Is it because you compare yourself to others and feel the need to keep up in order to substantiate your self-worth? Whatever the reason, more often than not when people begin to analyse the reasons behind their behaviour, they begin to slowly change the structure of their days.

Do things because they bring you joy not because you feel it is expected of you. So many of us have no real direction or know what really makes us happy and even more of us don’t really know what we want. So we bumble along doing what we think we should be doing, whilst slowly disconnecting from who we really are.

I used to think that everybody had a clear purpose in their lives and that authoritative figures such as politicians, CEOs, celebrities and stern looking adults with a purposeful stride knew exactly what they were doing. The truth is, most people don’t have a clue. They get caught up in the daily rat race, connecting the dots but never completely understanding the bigger picture that will emerge once all the dots are connected.

Once you realise that nobody really knows everything and that some people are just better at fooling us about their wisdom than others, you will see that there is no real race. There is no real direction.You have permission to do as you wish and not follow some imagined way forward.

True contentment comes from listening to your own inner wisdom. Drown out the “noise” from others and you will begin to see possibilities that did not exist previously. There is no tried and tested formula for life, which means we are all entitled to experiment with our own magic potions. You are free and you think and having no real direction can be a blessing.

Mandy X