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Nine Ways to Conquer Negative Thinking

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No one enjoys hearing negative comments from others, especially if there is no constructive value to them. So why put up with these comments when they come from yourself. Negative thinking makes you less attractive to the abundance around you and more attractive to all that you don’t want. You attract what you think about and focus on.

The main reason why people fall far short of their desires in life is self sabotage. Most of it happens at a very subtle subconscious level. Many of those negative thoughts that you get, even the little tiny ones that last only milliseconds are part of your self sabotage.

Deleting your automatic negative programming and replacing it with positives is a monumental task, but it can be accomplished in a number of ways.

You can change your body and even your whole life and make it what you want if you start by following these guidelines to set yourself up for success:

1. Recognize your potential

We can’t all have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Elle McPherson. With the right genetics and self-determination you might come close if you’re prepared to do what it takes. But with a realistic assessment of your body, natural attributes and limitations you will be able to avoid the disappointment

from unrealistic expectations. Be careful not to sell yourself short though.

2. Define your purpose

The why’s behind what you do will lend power to your success potential. If your reasons for working out, dieting or training at something are strong enough they will pull you toward the outcome you desire. Keeping in mind the compelling reasons for what you want will help keep the dream alive. If you don’t have compelling reasons you will drop the goal when the going gets tough.

3. Decide the goals you want

Keep your long term goal in mind but focus on the little steps that achieve the short-term goals that lead to your ultimate desired result. Make your timeframe realistic and be patient with yourself. You can always make adjustments along the way. Remind yourself that ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’.

4. Discipline yourself

Focus on your goals, see yourself already there and put in the action that is necessary. Working out and eating right require discipline. Discipline focuses your attention and draws you to your goal. Train yourself to every day do at least one thing that you don’t want to do, that if you did it, would advance you closer to your goal.

5. Get motivated

Keep your purpose foremost in your mind for that extra push toward achieving your goals. Keep the negatives at bay when setbacks and procrastination arise by focusing on the end product rather than the process to get there. If you think about the cold early morning start rather than the good feeling of completing your workout you won’t get past first base.

6. Develop self-confidence

Believe in your ability to achieve your goals. Don’t allow yourself the luxury of indulging in complaining, expressing self-doubt or frustration. Visualize yourself achieving the success your want. Do activities that give you feelings of success and accomplishment.

7. Replace negatives with positives

This may be easier said than done but you’ve got to start to develop the positivity habit. Catch yourself whenever you hear a negative thought and stop it. Enlist the aid of a partner to help you.

8. Avoid negative people and situations

You wouldn’t choose to breathe toxin-laden air or eat poisonous food would you? So why stay in the presence of people and situations that are emotionally toxic. Negativity is contagious… just as positivity is.

9. Accept what is

Accepting things for the way they are does not mean you have to like it or that it can’t be changed. Once you accept it you remove your subconscious resistance and you can actually proceed to change it. Moaning and complaining keep you attached to that very thing you are whining about and push away the very thing you say you want.

Your thoughts create your reality. Negative thinking will drag you down and obstruct your goals. Change your thinking and you change your world.

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Alwyn Beikoff (https://www.BodyMindUnlimited.com) is an educator and personal performance coach who helps people the world over to change the way they think and create the body and life they desire.

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