Mandy Kloppers

New beginnings

New beginnings don’t have to start at the beginning of a new year, you can start at any time.  All you need is the will to make the changes and an idea of what you want to change and you’re all set.

Stop making excuses

It’s time to get brave and move forward. Do you want to stay where you are forever or do you want to try something different that could lead to greater rewards. Good things take risk. Fortune favours the brave.

Have a plan

Write down the steps that you need to take to make your new beginning a reality. The more specific the steps and the vision, the better.

Be dedicated

No wishy washy stuff here – stay committed and take action each and every day towards your new beginning. Draw up a vision board to help you stay focused on where you want to be. A vision board can be on a large piece of paper or card – place images on there of how you see your new future. Place a happy picture of yourself in the middle and then place images around this – pets, family, home, country – whatever is relevant to your new beginning.

Don’t give up

New beginnings can take time and there will be some set backs. Accept that some difficulity may enter the picture. Look at set backs as learning curves, not as failures.

We can all make fresh starts, it takes guts to make major changes but the ultimate rewards could be fantastic and you won’t be left wondering…what if??

Mandy X