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Never Lose Your Cashless Mediclaim Policy Again

People may get affected by major diseases and it is needed to get admitted to hospitals. Any sudden attack of diseases may need immediate admission to nursing homes. But , it may require lump sum money to get admission to hospitals . The affected persons or family may not be ready for this amount of money. In this case , Cashless mediclaim policy can save from the situation. At the time of admission of patient to the hospitals or nursing home, money will not be required. The only thing the valid mediclaim policy should be required to be submitted. The treatment will be continued by the hospitals and expenses will be borne by the authority for momentary period.

Eligibility of getting cashless benefits

The period of treatment will be continued without any cash and there will be no dispute with the continuation of treatment if the coverage of the policy is sufficient to overcome the treatment. Some health insurance companies offer plans which cover hospital benefits with treatment during any fatal disease. Only thing, the customers have to provide the premium as per terms and coverage of insurance in terms of money. If the premium does not fail, then there will no problem of getting admission, if the insurance company includes the hospital in the service list for the customers. If the specific nursing home is not included in the list of the insurance company, then benefits will not be achieved by the customers. Further, it has to be looked that what type treatment is required for the patients. And which hospitals hold the infra structure to offer the treatment.  If both the conditions are satisfied, then only admission in the nursing home is possible for cashless benefits to the customers.

How to release payment

If the treatment runs for longer period and the amount of treatment supersedes the total coverage, then the extra payment should be paid by the patient family. On the other hand, all the documents related to claim papers should be submitted to TPA of the hospital to process the bills. If the total amount to be paid for the treatment of the patient is settled , then the estimated bill will be raised by the hospital and will be sent to the health insurance company. In this way , cashless benefits can be achieved by the patient where any cash is not involved for the treatment.

The mediclaim company will sanction the amount of the raised bill after proper investigation and scrutiny. After that the insurance company will send the eligible amount to nursing home directly. If the amount covers the total treatment cost, then the patient family won’t have to give anything. But, if the insurance company does not provide the total amount of bill, then the patient has to submit the rest of the amount. If the patients get admitted after all sorts of survey to specific nursing home without any cash, then the patients will get treatment without any cash. But, if the duration of treatment is short and sufficient time is not availed to process the bills to be sanctioned from the insurance company, then the patient party has to submit all the amount to get discharge of patient. Later on , all the bills will be submitted to insurance company to receive the proper claim.

About the company

Care Insurance is a company offering health benefits support during hospitalization. Care Insurance also offers Covid 19 hospitalization charges. The company promotes hassle free cashless benefits during admission to hospitals. By putting premium to the insurance company, the customer will achieve tax exemption in annual mode. The insurance company offers free annual health checkups .The care insurance company promotes modern treatment technology like robotic surgery etc. The care insurance offers cashless admission to the hospitals. The medical inflation is worrying to arrange money for admission to hospitals. The handling of cash is not necessary at all. Care Insurance offers best cashless benefits for family. The patient party can overcome all hassles for arranging money and making payment of bills to the hospitals. For this cashless hospitalization benefits for family members, only the customers have to pay the premium when it is due.

During hospitalization of any family member, they have to only submit the valid policy papers to hospital for admission. No cash is required for admission. If the premiums do not fail, then the patient will achieve treatment up to total sum assured value. This may be beneficial to the customers. The re imbursement of the bills will have some special procedures. The insurance company can provide room charges, OT charges, ICU charges, medicine charges and other charges as applicable. The patient should be under the policy coverage to avail benefits. Therefore, people should avail mediclaim policies to get hassle free benefits for treatment in hospitals.

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