Mandy Kloppers

Never Lose Sight of These Things…



Get your priorities straight - 2013-01-03
1) Life is finite so make the most of each day. Tell the people you love how you feel. Don’t wait. Live life with your heart on your sleeve and never be afraid to express your true feelings. Get the most out of each day – appreciate every moment.
2) Spend time with people who inspire you and provide positive energy. The world is full of cynics and pessimists – limit your time with them. Never lose sight of how valuable your time is.

3) Cherish friendships. There are some friends who really care, you may not see them for a time but you know they can be counted on. Let them know you appreciate their friendship.

4) Be kind to animals. They offer us unconditional positive regard yet so many treat their animals terribly. It’s a sign of a good soul when a person can be compassionate towards other living beings.

5) Help those in need. If the world was a more charitable place I am sure there would be less famine, poverty and misery. Lend a hand to those less fortunate than yourself if at all possible. Spreading goodwill and contributing positively to the world around us increases our own sense of happiness, belonging and purpose.

6) Chase personal fulfilment instead of money. It’s really crazy this world we live in as money has become our new God. We focus on it frequently and it motivates most people’s intentions and goals. I firmly believe that this veers us from true fulfilment. Use money but try not to see it as the answer to everything. Money does not automatically lead to personal fulfilment.

7) Love yourself. Your beliefs about yourself will affect the quality of your life immensely. When you love and respect yourself, the world follows suit. If you don’t work on loving yourself, your beliefs and body language will tell the world that you don’t matter and that it’s okay to ignore you. Never lose sight of all your unique amazing talents, skills and qualities.

8) Grow. Learn something new every day. Make it your personal mission to find out more about yourself too. Try new experiences to find out your strengths and weaknesses. Step out of your comfort zone and explore. Stagnation kills creativity and life. Keep moving forward.

Let me know if you think of any others. In a world of information overload, it helps to sit quietly at times and remind ourselves of our priorities. The fast paced world and the world of work has a tendency to take us off track and submerge us into a busy blur that may not be productive at all. Lift your head up now and then and take a breather…make sure you are on the right track and then continue. Those that don’t ‘take stock’ every now and again often end up far from where they want to be, feeling miserable from chasing empty goals that ultimately did not provide what they anticipated.

We mistakenly believe that we need to be DOING all the time.  This has been created by society and we don’t have to buy into it. Never lose sight of the fact that it really is okay to take it slow, smell the roses and savour life at a slower more purposeful pace.

Mandy X