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Natural Solutions to Improving Mental Clarity

Confusion, a lack of concentration, irritation, and tiredness are all symptoms of a common mental condition referred to as “brain fog”. Brain fog can have a negative impact on your mental clarity and there are dozens of factors that lead to it including stress, sleep deprivation, medication, and a host of other factors. The good news is that brain fog is definitely manageable with a few simple tips that don’t require new medication or a visit to the hospital. Here are five natural solutions to improve your mental clarity and boost your overall health.


  1. Eat Healthy. From your weight to your mental clarity, every part of your well-being depends on your diet. Healthy foods bring nutrients and vitamins into your body, fueling your cells and tissues, including in the brain. A healthy brain works better, coping more effectively with the daily hustle and bustle. Healthy food includes raw and steamed veggies, fruits, meat, eggs, and nuts. Avoid foods rich in fats and avoid refined sugars altogether. Yes, you can indulge in a delicious piece of cake every now and then, but try to stir away from sugar as much as you can.


  1. Supplement Your Diet With Nootropics. Even a balanced diet may fail to provide all nutrients and vitamins you need. One molecule, or rather the lack of it, responsible for brain fogginess is the DHA, an Omega 3 molecule naturally found in fatty fish. This substance regulates the brain function in general and is an important structural element of the brain cells.

DHA nootropics contain a natural extract of Omega 3 which is a more effective supplement than the synthetic substance found in many multivitamins.


  1. Sleep Sufficiently. Sleep deprivation has a huge impact on your mental clarity, but things are more complicated than just a bit of grogginess. Whether you’re spending your nights partying or suffering from sleep disorders, you should identify and treat the source of your tiredness. If you suffer from a sleep disorder, speak to a doctor or see a psychologist, as many sleep disorders derive from mental health issues, including stress, anxiety, and depression.


  1. Practice Mindfulness Meditation. A simple way to improve your mental clarity is by practicing mindfulness meditation. Meditation can easily clear your mind from negative thoughts, thus reducing brain fog. Moreover, mindfulness meditation can improve your overall health by reducing anxiety and depression. Through this, it also improves your sleep, which ultimately leads to a boost in your mental clarity.


  1. Stay Hydrated. Water is a vital element, but it’s surprising how many people don’t drink a sufficient amount each day. Apart from unclear skin and metabolism issues, the lack of water can cause brain fog and confusion. Fixing the issue is simple – just drink more! However, keep in mind that only plain water counts towards your daily hydration needs. Carbonated and sweet drinks should be avoided. Alcohol actually causes dehydration, so it should be completely avoided or replenished with an equal amount of water consumption. And don’t forget, if you’ve followed all these tips and still feel confused, maybe it’s time to speak about your mental clarity with a specialist.

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