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Mushroom Specialists Launch First-Ever Shroom Tea

Antioxi have released their first trio of functional mushroom teas; fulfilling the shroom boom demand across the UK as the trend grows due to extraordinary health & wellness benefits such as increased energy & improved sleep

Organic mushroom supplement specialists Antioxi invite health & wellbeing enthusiasts to step away from traditional tea routines and immerse themselves in the remarkable benefits of their brand-new Functional Mushroom Tea range.

The new range includes Gut Health Tea Blend, Vitality Tea and Calm Tea – with each style of tea offering different health & wellbeing benefits, the range is available now from £8.99 each.

Specialising in organic certified mushroom supplements, Antioxi aims to bring the spotlight back onto the medicinal benefits of mushrooms, providing transparency and focus on the genuine health benefits of mushrooms at the heart of everything they do.

Antioxi’s mushroom tea blends can help improve immune function, reduce inflammation levels, gut health as well as improve sleep. The tea blends provide essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and active compounds to help the body adapt to stressors and boost overall health and vitality.

The Gut Health Tea combines powerful botanicals to support your digestive system. Packed with Chaga Mushrooms, known for their gut-fortifying and immune-boosting properties, it’s further enhanced by the soothing comfort of Peppermint with finishing touches of Ginger and Cardamom. Each sip of this harmonious blend nourishes your gut.

Learn more about the benefits here:

Vitality Tea Blend creates an immune-boosting symphony within the body as Turkey Tail Mushroom teams-up with Echinacea – a genus of flowering plants in the daisy family – to bolster immune function, promoting vitality by offering a potent blend of antioxidant benefits that fortify the body’s natural defences and overall well-being.

On the palate Vitality Tea offers a sweet & spicy combination of turmeric, ginger and cinnamon – culminating with the citrus zest of orange peel bursting with Vitamin C:

Finally, Calm Tea Blend is ideal after a hectic day, or looking to cultivate a daily ritual of self-care. The Reishi Mushroom provides a gentle yet powerful remedy for promoting calmness and restoring balance in the body and mind. Chamomile and Acacia flowers offer a delicate, sweet serenity, with lavender completing the aromatic finish on the palate:

From remarkable anti-inflammatory properties to enhanced immunity and tranquillity, Antioxi’s new mushroom tea range offers extraordinary wellness-boosting properties. Promoting hydration and mental clarity as well as supporting digestion and relaxation, the shroom tea range aims to embody the perfect blend of health and pleasure.

Marko Grensemann, Director at Antioxi said: “We are delighted with our first-ever mushroom tea range. The research has been extensive to create the perfect blends, but the results are exceptional. Our mission is to create a realm of rejuvenation and serenity, and we truly believe we have achieved this with our shroom tea launch.

“If anyone wants a natural way to elevate your mornings, or likewise unwind at the end of the day, we have the answer with our brand-new mushroom teas. The aim is a delightful fusion of health, pleasure and flavour – we hope our loyal fans and new friends agree.”


Antioxi distinguishes themselves as one of the select mushroom companies committed to third-party testing. This practice is fundamental in their mission, as it guarantees mushrooms are not only safe but also effective in delivering the health benefits that customers seek; this meticulous process has established the company as a market leader in the mushroom supplement industry.

Antioxi’s brand-new Functional Mushroom Tea is made from the finest quality mushrooms and ingredients, grown and harvested using the most stringent standards, available from the Antioxi website now.

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