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Mums share comforting words for first-time mums to be

First-time mums

With Mother’s Day approaching, mums across the UK have revealed the best advice they have for those first-time mums about to enter the world of motherhood.

Entering motherhood can be a nervous yet exciting time for many people, and with this in mind, Cartwright & Butler have interviewed five different women around the UK to help reassure and excite new mums.

Mothers were asked to share the most comforting tips they received when they first entered motherhood, what advice they would give to new mums, and what their favorite things are about being a mum.

From ensuring you take care of yourself to not being scared to ask for help, the below advice is perfect for any mum-to-be looking for that little bit of reassurance.

What were the best tips you received when first entering motherhood?

“As a first-time mum of twin babies, I attempted to read every book there was in preparation for my new role. I certainly felt out of my depth, and it seems being a Compliance Director appeared like a much easier job. One great piece of advice I got from a friend was a reminder that I had all the qualities my child required. I was comforted when she told me that every child chooses their parent based on if the child felt that the potential parent had the qualities, they needed for the perfect life they wanted to be born into. Simply put, I no longer felt inadequate as I already possessed what my twins needed. So, I leaned into that knowledge and started enjoying my motherhood journey.” – Sandra Mottoh, Founder of social enterprise AI White Box

“You don’t need to buy loads of stuff to prep. A few clothes, nappies, pram, car seat, changing table, and cot are essential but everything else you’ll figure out as you go. Another great tip from mums and nurses: when the baby is first born, take some time to be in your family bubble. Having too many visitors straight off can stress the baby and you out. You’re perfectly entitled to hold off on visits for a few weeks and take some time to settle into this wonderful and also exhausting new chapter of your life!” – Sandra Teichert, Director of Explore More Potential 

“Don’t compare your baby to others, it creates unnecessary worry. Find your own way; you don’t have to do everything exactly by the book.” – Victoria Waite, PR Manager, Bloomsbury Mill

What tips would you give to someone about entering motherhood?

“Don’t expect your life, your mind, your body, and the depth of your heart to remain the same after having kids. Expect change but in a phenomenal way.” – Sandra Mottoh, Founder of social enterprise AI White Box

“Be kind to yourself! Initially, once the baby is born, it’s all a whirlwind and with sleep deprivation and hormones you might feel like a zombie. Embrace your new normal and know you’re doing the best you can with the tools you have. We’re all figuring it out as we go. Once you feel like you’ve settled into your new normal, make sure to take some time for yourself to do something you enjoy and connect yourself to yourself. It’s normal to get lost in the nurturing of this wonderful new addition to your family but it’s important to remember to take care of yourself as well. Simple pleasures like a bath, gentle walk, meditation, and beauty treatments can help connect you with yourself. You’re a new mum but also still the woman you were before giving birth.” – Sandra Teichert, Director of Explore More Potential 

“You cannot do it all on your own. The old adage about ‘it takes a village’ is so true. Find a local mum friend who you click with and share each other’s worries and wins.

If you don’t have any family around (and you can afford it), hire someone to look after the baby if just for a couple of hours a week so you can turn off, exercise, sleep, and recharge. Celebrate the small daily wins and don’t worry about tomorrow. Just do what you think is right at the moment.” – Victoria Waite, PR Manager, Bloomsbury Mill

“Selfcare is a priority, you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of your children. A happy mum is a secret to a happy home.” – Dina, Found & Editor of Kensington Mums

“Enjoy it as it goes very fast, takes lots of videos and photos, savors each precious moment.” Dawattie Basdeo – Children’s Wellbeing Resources Creator, Author & Song Writer, and a Children & Teens Yoga Teacher.

What are the best things about being a mum?

“Being a mum is by far my biggest accomplishment to date. It exceeds every career accolade, every investment success, and every win. There is no comparative feeling like being a mum. I am fortunate to have birthed two babies at once.” – Sandra Mottoh, Founder of social enterprise AI White Box

“Eyes searching for mine when he’s accomplished something and feeling proud. Watching him develop and seeing his personality grow. Reading stories and goodnight cuddles.” – Victoria Waite, PR Manager, Bloomsbury Mill

 “The unconditional love, the sticky kisses and being the best in your child’s eyes” – Dina, Found & Editor of Kensington Mums

“When your children are happy and healthy. Being a mum makes you understand the true meaning of love and life.” – Dawattie Basdeo – Children’s Wellbeing Resources Creator, Author & Song Writer, and a Children & Teens Yoga Teacher.

“The love you have for your baby; watching them grow, learn and discover; their smile and laugh; the newfound appreciation for our mums; all of the things you learn about yourself in raising your child.” – Sandra Teichert, Director of Explore More Potential 

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