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Move On and Embrace Change


Move on
Move on

Move On

There are times in life when we need to accept that what has gone before is now a closed chapter and that we need to move on and embrace our new life. What is it that you need to move on from? Whether it is a job, romantic relationship, a home, a friend, a place, a habit, an addiction or a routine – are you staying attached to it when you need to move on?

Perhaps it is time for something new…now.

Is it fear that keeps us attached to the past, to something or someone? Often we stay attached to a situation that no longer works for us, damages us psychologically or lowers our self esteem. We can become afraid of loss, change, of never finding anything better to fill the gap left in our lives, or criticism from others who don’t want us to move on for whatever reason.

Dealing with fear is key to moving on successfully. What do you imagine might happen if you moved on? It is far worse to stay attached to something through fear than to face the consequences of letting it go. To move on you have to be willing to take a leap of faith and trust your own judgement, especially if others are discouraging you. They may not know the full picture – they don’t live your life for you. You have the power to make decisions about your life and to move on when you choose to do so.

We often refuse to move on until the pain if the current situation becomes unbearable. When the discomfort grows larger than our fear we feel compelled to do something. If this is the place you have reached, know that the time is right to free yourself to make whatever changes and choices you need in your life. Although you may feel some sadness for what you have left behind, you will also feel enormous relief, optimism and a sense of freedom and empowerment.

Moving on is natural and appropriate at many stages in life. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal and each day that presents itself is a new opportunity to go out and get what you want. To make small changes that lead you to a path of happiness and fulfilment. You have the resources within you to move on and achieve your goals. Trust yourself and believe in yourself. Trust that you do know when it is time to move on and that you can do it successfully. You can!

Mandy X


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