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Mother’s Day – Happy or Sad


When we think of Mother’s Day we conjure up scenes of families celebrating together. Children showing appreciation to their wonderful Mums for all they have done in the past. Mum’s have such a huge impact upon us and how we see the world. But not everyone has a wonderful Mum…what is your story?

I didn’t have the best time as a child and as a result I feel that sometimes my expectations are slightly unrealistic. Talking to clients and friends though has helped me to realise that all families have their issues, some more minor than others. When we are young we look up to our parents. They are our heros and we believe they can fix anything. Then as we grow up and begin to flex our independence and our own opinions, we start to realise that our parents are fallible and that they aren’t all powerful. In fact, for some this realisation is particularly painful when they realise all their parent’s failings. They become aware of how their parents have let them down and perhaps abused their position of power. I am always amazed by adults who believe children should be seen and not heard and should automatically defer to adults and show respect.

The healthy way to parent is to see your children as small beings who deserve as much respect as adults. They are still little people with needs and wants. Their opinions should matter and they deserve explanations for adults decisions. Despite parents’ faults, most do an amazing job and want the best for their children. They put their needs second and sacrifice for the good of their children.

This Mother’s Day I salute all the mothers that work tirelessly and receive little appreciation for their efforts. For many, the monotony of housework, cooking, childcare and playing taxi goes unrewarded…

Today is for you and I hope you get spoiled and do as little as possible today!

Mandy X

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