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Mandy Kloppers

Money doesn’t buy happiness

Money and happiness
Money and happiness

Everyone knows that money doesn’t buy happiness yet we all chase it constantly. What is does offer is freedom and choice. Capitalistic society has forced us to value money. We need it to live. The problems come in when we think that possessions will be the answer to our problems. I remember chatting to a client a few years ago. He had driven to my office and commented that he had passed a man driving a Porsche. He said that it made him feel unhappy because he imagined (a thought – not fact!) that this man driving the Porsche must have such a wonderful happy life, much happier than his own life. It reminded him that he wasn’t as successful as he’d wanted to be at his age. The man in the Porsche served as a trigger for my client’s self doubt and perceived inadequacies. The reality is very different from the way most if us perceive it to be. The parts of life that we haven’t experienced tend to be idealised and seen as perfect, when the reality is just not the way we think.

I have come across many wealthy people and there is definitely no correlation between their wealth and their happiness. In fact, wealthy people need a ‘bigger hit’ every time to reach the same level of temporary happiness than most. For example, with each new acquisition, the pleasure felt only lasts for a while. A person with a Ferrari will be delighted initially but after driving it for a few months, they won’t receive the same amount of pleasure when they get in and drive it. Then they will be on to the next thing.

Unhappiness comes from our thinking and what we imagine others are doing. When it triggers our insecurities, it leads to misery. The major point I am making here is – if you adapt your thinking, you will be less miserable. You don’t need the Ferrari to feel less miserable. Living from the inside-out is key.

It is common knowledge that lottery winners aren’t happier overall. In fact, many say that winning the lottery has made them miserable. Let passion guide you rather than money. Money will be a by-product and you will be much happier for it

Mandy X