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Modern Diamond Engagement Ring Designs for Fall 2020

Are you looking for modern diamond engagement rings? Picking out a suitable engagement ring is a huge decision to make. This is why you need to think it over before you finally get one.


But some have problems with choosing what they like. Thus, they look into what’s trending. You don’t always have to follow the trend, but they can be great to check out especially if you’re still undecided.


Seeing trending diamond engagement rings can give you fresh ideas on what to get. They can even inspire you on what type of ring to get. Look at what’s the latest for 2020 below.



Trending Diamond Engagement Rings You’d Love to Have


Take a look at these trendy pieces and see which one fits you best. Choosing an engagement ring means you not only choose something popular. It’s something that you choose for you and your partner.


This is because engagement rings have to mean something for you. Diamonds are very popular as engagement rings because of what the stone represents. The style of the ring you get adds to the value of the engagement ring.



  • Stacked and Nested Diamond Engagement Rings


Double engagement rings are starting to take the trend. This style features diamond accents on both of its bands. The diamond-set can either be in crescent-shape, curved shape, or more.


This engagement ring design is very stylish. It’s perfect for those who want to deviate from the classic pieces and go on to something more modern.



  • Clean and Simple-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


If you like simplicity and minimalism, then this style is for you.  This design looks very elegant and sleek. The clean and simple style of a smooth and with a diamond cut in the middle looks timeless.


This is the kind of engagement ring that never goes out of trend. It always stays for a long time because of how versatile the style is.



  • Eternity Engagement Rings


This design is very glamorous and elegant. It has a row of diamonds set around the ring. It helps make the ring sparkle more and shine in every angle.


The arranged diamonds look very fancy and look like they’re a crown of flowers. This is a very unique statement ring that can be a conversation-starter.




Are You Ready to Choose Your Diamond Engagement Ring?


There are more trending styles than this that you can look up. Try to pick your favorites and choose from them. Remember, that you don’t always need to be in trend with your engagement ring.


The important factors to consider are your preference and your budget. Some rings may contain more diamond pieces and some need bigger diamond pieces. Go for diamond engagement rings that can give you the best quality for your money.


The diamond engagement ring you choose should make you happy. Decide on a trend or design to settle on. Then look into what your budget can do for you. Make sure the diamonds you choose are the best for its price.


Don’t be afraid to choose diamond engagement rings that represent your true feelings.


Photo by Sabrinna Ringquist on Unsplash

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