Mandy Kloppers

Modern Day Rejection

Modern Day Rejection

Wow, how things have changed. Gone are the days when rejection involved someone not picking up their phone to speak to you…these days there are all types of rejection. The whole landscape has changed and mental health professionals need to adjust and keep up with the changing forms of stress and anxiety that are nor prevalent.

I have seen many clients who complain of technology related stress – not being able to get online, being slowed down at work due to computer  failure. Phone hacking, Facebook spying and online  bullying…it’s all happening!

I have just checked my Twitter account and there’s over 1 400 people not following me back. I went on to Friend or Follow to see how many people weren’t following me back and 1 400 faces stared out at me. This is the reality of modern day rejection. Of course, I can smile about it and this post is ‘tongue-in-cheek’ but there is something to be said about social media and not feeling popular. This all got me thinking…

When I put something that I think is funny or interesting on Facebook, I wait in anticipation to see who replies and what they say. If only a few people comment or god forbid, no one replies… well that’s just no good at all.

Photo by Resource Database on Unsplash