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Mindfulness puzzles

Mindfulness is a great way to stay away from all the worries in your mind. Whilst it’s not a good idea to avoid problems that you need to deal with such as a current argument with your partner or being deep in debt, but when you are worrying endlessly and non-specifically, mindfulness can help.

The benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness gives your brain a rest from the constant worry. When you worry endlessly you stay stuck and in a cycle that is exhausting for your body. Paying attention to never-ending negative thoughts keeps your nervous system on high alert and the prospect of relaxing and feeling calm becomes impossible.

If you are searching for a wonderful way to give your mind a rest and stay in the present moment, you should give mindfulness puzzles a go. I recently tried two mindfulness puzzles and I loved them. Don’t be fooled by their small size because these aren’t ordinary puzzles. They are certainly a challenge but at the same time very addictive.

Environmentally friendly puzzles

All of the puzzles (made by Wentworth puzzles) are made from sustainable wood sources, the box is made from recycled materials, and they don’t use any unnecessary or single-use plastics. So not only are they good for puzzlers but they try to limit the impact on the environment too.


wentworth mini puzzle

Mini mindful puzzles

There is something very satisfying when you complete a puzzle, especially one that is a challenge. These puzzles are uniquely made but fun and absorbing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and would recommend giving them a try. if you want a  break from worrying, and would like a simultaneous sense of calm and achievement, these will be right up your street.

These puzzles are designed to be small enough to fit into your backpack or handbag etc and quick enough to complete whenever you feel like you need a little mindfulness break, such as during lunch etc – perfect for when you want the benefit of a jigsaw puzzle but you have limited space or time to commit to a standard one.

They also make great gifts and there are so many different designs, take a look HERE.

Grab a drink and settle in with mini puzzle and if you’d like, send me your finished results…here are mine!!

mini puzzle


mini mindfulness puzzle

In the puzzle above, you will find mini animal puzzle pieces – an imaginative extra addition. I love them and will be buying more for myself and for others as gifts!

There are loads to choose from and here are a few examples:

Mandy X


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