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Mental Health: What CBT Therapy Can Help You With

If you have lately been feeling like taking responsibility for your life, and taking charge instead of going with the flow, one of the things you should consider doing is taking care of your mental health. Understanding the importance of mental health, which is further talked about here, is one of the crucial things to do if you really want to live a better life. And, so is finally doing something to improve it and deal with the struggles you are having.

Work issues, relationship problems, a general sense of not functioning well in life… Those can all be caused by some psychological issues you are struggling with. Or, they could be indicators that you are struggling. No matter what angle you look at it from, the step you should take next is always the same. Therapy.

If you’ve recently been thinking about seeing a psychotherapist, you may have done some online searches already, aiming at finding the right one for you. That is when you’ve realized, though, that there are many different types of therapies out there, which may have left you even more confused. Which one should you choose?

While it is the relationship you will form with your therapist that will ultimately be the catalyst of change and of improvement, it doesn’t hurt to learn at least some basics about the different types of therapies offered, and then to choose accordingly. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), for example, has long been considered as one of the most effective types, and if you’re thinking of seeing a CBT therapist, you should learn what it is that they can help you with. So, below I’ve prepared a list of some of the common things that this type of therapy deals with, but you should be aware of the fact that it can address pretty much any problem you have.

This should give you a basic overview of CBT:

  • Anxiety

In an uncertain world, we are all bound to be riddled with anxiety. A certain level of anxiety is normal. It tells us that we are unsure of how to handle an unknown situation, and it often pushes us to make a change. To adopt a more active approach to life and to do something that will, in fact, solve some of our issues.

The problem begins, though, when the anxiety becomes crippling. Instead of pushing you to be more active, it traps you into passivity. It constricts your life, and makes you stick to the well-known things, without ever daring to experiment and basically get out of your comfort zone. A great CBT therapist will address this problem with you, dealing with the cognitive distortions that may have led to such an approach to life and to the overwhelming anxiety that is making every-day functioning difficult.

therapy for anxiety

  • Depression

The term “depression” is often misused today, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t struggle with it. In fact, a large percentage of people do. Through CBT therapy, you will learn how to gradually replace those irrational thoughts that may be making you depressed with healthier and more practical ones that will ultimately lead you towards having a better life. The process may not be quick, but with the right techniques and the right professional there to guide you, there is no doubt that you can beat depression.

  • OCD

Exposure and response prevention techniques are used through CBT to deal with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Once again, while the techniques can do a lot to help, it is ultimately the professional you’re working with, and the relationship you form with them, that will allow you to actually start experimenting and work towards resolving this problem. So, when checking out Kim Fisher or another great CBT therapist for that matter, one of the things to do is check if they actually work with OCD, or with any other issue that you may want to resolve.

  • Sleep Related Issues

If you’re having trouble sleeping, and you’re dealing with any type of insomnia, be it acute, chronic, onset or anything else, you should definitely see a therapist. It may not seem like a big issue in the beginning, but it will soon become one, once you realize that the lack of sleep is taking a toll on your everyday life. CBT has proven to be an amazing choice for this problem, dealing with all kinds of sleep related issues.

  • Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can not only be unpleasant, but also rather dangerous if not treated and controlled. A great CBT therapist that has enough experience dealing with these types of disorders will absolutely be able to help. Once again, they will address your irrational beliefs and cognitive disorders that are causing you to binge eat, or not eat, or to have any other kind of a poor eating habit, and slowly lead you towards replacing those with healthier patterns.

Let me repeat one thing. I’ve listed some of the issues that CBT deals with. But, you should be aware of the fact that it can help with pretty much anything you’re struggling with and thus improve your overall mental health.

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