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Mandy Kloppers

Making Mental Health Care as Accessible as Coffee

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At 24hr Therapy, we believe accessing therapy should be as natural and straightforward as getting a coffee. Our mission is to ensure immediate assistance is available to everyone, whenever and wherever they need it. This commitment led us to create a platform providing same-day therapy, connecting users with qualified therapists within minutes. We aim to remove the stigma surrounding mental health, fostering a culture where mental well-being is openly discussed and prioritised. For too long, mental health has been shrouded in misunderstanding and fear, preventing many from seeking help. We are changing this by making mental health care more approachable, accessible, and integrated into daily life.

We believe that mental well-being is the cornerstone of a fulfilling, balanced, and meaningful life. From childhood through adulthood, mental health shapes our experiences, influences our decisions, and impacts our ability to connect, achieve goals, and realise our potential.

Therapy sessions for your mental health

Imagine a world where scheduling a therapy session is as routine as meeting a friend for coffee. This is the future we envision—a society where mental health care is seamlessly woven into daily life. Leveraging technology and innovative approaches, we provide 24-hour access to professional support, making it easier for people to get the help they need. Unlike traditional therapy, which often requires waiting days or weeks for an appointment, our platform offers instant support with a pay-per-minute model, giving users complete control over their spending and making high-quality mental health care both accessible and affordable.

Online therapy

Our platform is the first of its kind, offering therapy the same day users sign up. Available 24 hours a day, we connect users with a qualified therapist within minutes. This immediate access is crucial, especially considering that nearly two-thirds of people surveyed in the UK put on a brave face to avoid talking about their mental health and 1.9 million are currently waiting for mental health support. We understand firsthand the importance of immediate support and aim to ensure everyone has access to the care they need when they need it.

We are dedicated to improving well-being with personalised, immediate assistance. Our diverse network of certified counsellors and therapists assists with a range of mental health concerns, from managing diagnosed conditions to navigating everyday stressors. By empowering individuals to prioritise their mental well-being, we are reshaping the narrative around mental health and fostering a culture of understanding, compassion, and accessibility.

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