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Make your own happiness





Make your own happiness


Everything you need to feel happy and content lies within you. Whilst it is difficult to feel happy when you are in survival mode, once the basics are met such as food, safety and shelter…there is nothing stopping you from being as happy as the next person.

How we see ourselves and our circumstances in life is where your power lies. What do you tell yourself about yourself and your life? What would you like to believe about yourself and your life?


Beliefs create your reality


We all have moments when life gets on top of us and we can be hard on ourselves but the way we respond to what life hands us can make or break how our lives turn out. Instead of telling ourselves that we aren’t good enough or that we are inferior when things don’t go our way, it makes much more sense to protect your self-esteem and self-belief.

You can do this by accepting and realizing that everyone makes mistakes and has self-doubt. We tend to be our own worst critics yet it does us no good. Beating ourselves with the naughty stick is the worst type of motivation.

Positive expectancy

Inviting positive experiences in our lives involves speaking to ourselves in a kind and empowering way. Tell yourself that everything is happening as it is meant to and that there is a reason for everything in life. Understand that challenges will always come your way, yep, some may even have you on your knees feeling out of your depth. It’s okay…it really is. We all go through it.  Success isn’t failing, it’s getting back up again. It’s telling yourself that something good is in the pipeline and that the tough times don’t last forever.

It’s also about having purpose in life and doing something with your time on earth that makes you feel that your life is worthwhile…whatever that may be. It’s different for each one of us.


Make the choice to choose thoughts that work for you. Choose beliefs that keep you feeling good about yourself. Other people’s views about you are never more important than your own.


Mandy X


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