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Make it happen



Make it happen

If you want to be more successful you need to do more. It’s that simple. Your actions define you. Talent and action together make all the difference. Of course self-discipline has a lot to do with the equation, and I know as well as anybody how difficult it can be to get motivated.

When clients come to see me for help with procrastination and lack of achievement, I often find that they have done very little towards achieving their goals. They often make the mistake of thinking, “When I’m feeling more confident I will get things done.” Sometimes you just have to get on with it even when the timing doesn’t feel right. Don’t wait as that moment of true certainty may never come.

Some people read books and spend huge amounts of money going to courses and training to improve their lives. On a psychological level this takes the place of real action. Educational knowledge are important but they cannot take the place of pure action. While seminars and workshops are a great way to meet new people, they do take up a lot of time and I believe they divert focus from the true goal. They are safe places where people can feel they are making progress but this is a false assumption in many ways. In some ways becoming too dependent on workshops and seminars as a way to fix something can lead to the very thing that a person is trying to avoid- feeling stuck.

Life is messy, be prepared to get stuck in and get dirty. There will be ups and downs and there will be failures and successes-it’s all part of life. Studying the theory is great but it is no substitute for the real thing-pursuing your goals with fervour.

Don’t be a talker, be a doer. Have that conversation with yourself. Do not overthink things just take action. Put your money where your mouth is. You do not need permission from others to pursue your goals, you can take action and talk later. The right attitude and the right actions can be an unbeatable combination.

Learn to take that leap of faith once you have done your planning and risk assessing. It is well known fact that best known antidote to everyday depression is activity. Every cognitive behavioural therapist knows that the best course of action for a depressed client is to get them doing more. Rather than searching inwards for answers, it is possible that the answer may lie looking outwards-activity. Looking inwards for too long may keep you even more stuck.

I have a lot of respect for people who pick themselves up from the lowest point and move on. Whether that’s from a broken heart, the financial crisis or some other major setback. It shows conviction and self belief and a refusal to be defeated. To put yourself out there and to choose to be cheerful and optimistic instead of choosing to shut down and withdrawal takes a lot of guts.

Is there anything that you’ve withdrawn from? Anything you’ve decided you can’t have or have resigned yourself to never doing? If so, when did you make that decision? You can choose to ‘unmake’ that decision too.

Action should involve three things: it should have forethought, be focused and be in the right direction. Be decisive and get cracking. Don’t expect perfection-just see what happens and learn as you go. The more you do the more you will achieve and this cycle will begin to snowball.

I know that I need to take action too and I shall be taking my own advice by doing more even if it gets messy. Hopefully we can share stories as the year progresses.

Mandy X

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