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Lucid Living ideas

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Lucid Living ideas

I am currently reading a great little book with amazing insights into life and humans. I wanted to share a few excerpts with you:


“Life is a mystery. What’s it all about? Do you know? Does anyone know? People travel all over the world in search of mysteries and miracles, but what could be more mysterious than life itself? Not just what it is but that it is at all!

When the hubble telescope was focused on the night sky each tiny black dot revealed dozens  of galaxies, with each galaxy containing millions of stars!

The universe is too immense to imagine and infinitely mysterious. Our predicament is so profoundly puzzling, it’s astonishing that we aren’t permanently perplexed.

Many of us rush around as if there is no more to life than making a living and not thinking about dying.

We behave as if we know exactly what life is all about, even though secretly we know we don’t.”

It’s great little book that can be read in under an hour and it offers an amazing perspective on life that can free us from a lot of stress and anxiety that many (if not all) of us experience.

The book is titled: “Lucid Living” by Timothy Freke. Highly recommended!!

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